A Skittles Party Is Not About Eating Candy Anymore

Everyone remembers Skittles; they’re those brightly colored, fruit flavored candies we used to eat as kids. Many kids have fond memories of visiting the candy store and getting a bag of Skittles. And the idea of getting invited to a Skittles Party as a kid would make any kid happy; a wide variety of candy and other sugar comes to mind.

However this is not the new trend that is called a Skittles Party. Today a Skittles Party is actually where a bunch of teens get together and each brings a wide variety of prescription drugs including stimulants, tranquilizers and painkillers. The teens each take a handful of the drugs and in most cases don’t even know what they took.

The practice is extremely dangerous and has sent many teens to the ER and worse.

The Prescription Problem

Skittles Parties are happening because of the availability of prescription drugs and the accessibility of teens to be able to get and take them. It’s as simple as that.

According to National Statistics prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic with over 7 million people taking prescriptions. Right now 19% of teenagers use the drugs non-medically equaling over 4 and a half million adolescents and teens. The most popular drugs taken by the teens include painkillers like Oxy Contin, hydrocodone or Vicoden as well as prescription stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin.

The reason why kids are using these drugs is because they don’t believe they are dangerous. This is because they are legally prescribed to billions of people every year and because they can find them very easily. Government survey results state that most teens that misused prescriptions got them from a family member or friend. Many have just taken them from a loved one’s medicine cabinet.

What Parents Can Do

The idea that your teenage son or daughter could attend a Skittles Party and inject these dangerous medications may be too much for any parent to face. Parents must educate their children on the dangers of prescription drugs, their availability and side effects so that teens and adolescents understand why they should not start taking them.

Information should also be provided to teens about mixing prescriptions and the side effects of this practice. Skittle’s Parties are extremely dangerous and parents should pay special attention to text and Facebook messages inviting teens to such parties or making reference to taking drugs, or drinking alcohol.

Professional Advice From Narconon Drug Program

Narconon drug program also recommends that teens receive drug prevention lectures from facilities like Narconon Arrowhead and other Narconon locations in the country. The drug prevention provided by the group is statistically proven to stop teens and adolescents from taking drugs.

Narconon drug program staff travel throughout the United States visiting businesses for adult education as well as schools, church and community groups for youth drug prevention lectures. The lectures are short and informative and talk about the definition of drugs and cover different types of illicit substances and prescription medications and their effects.

Often youth are asked to speak to the prevention person and ask any questions about drugs and addiction that they are unsure of. Resources for help are also offered through the lectures through Narconon drug program and other treatment programs depending on the needs of the addicted person.

A Skittles Party is a serious matter that demands serious attention so that more lives are not lost to addiction that could have been saved. For more information on a Skittles Party or to get someone help with an addiction problem contact Narconon drug program today.

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