Adderall Abuse Becoming More Popular Among Teens

The prescription stimulant Adderall has been on the market since 1996 when it was first introduced by Shire pharmaceuticals. Used to treat hyperactivity and attention deficit cases, Adderall provides a temporary increase in mental focus and concentration. With Adderall abuse becoming more popular among teens, many US parents and health experts have expressed growing concern over the addictive nature and adverse effects of the drug.

Adderall’s Many Abuses

Primarily, Adderall was initially marketed to persons who supposedly had issues with focusing in school—school kids as young as 13 are prescribed the medication so they may concentrate better in school, but the pills have obviously gotten into the wrong hands. Known for producing an intense mental high similar to that of cocaine, Adderall is rarely taken as prescribed nowadays; and the primary abusers are high school and college students.

Adderall is often referred to as “college crack.” It’s commonality in high schools and colleges across the country as a study drug is almost disturbing. Even without a prescription, students can ask around and quickly get some pills.

Popularity Of Adderall Nationwide

In 2010 there were nearly 20 million Adderall prescriptions written for children and young adults. In many of these cases, it may only take a quick questionnaire with a doctor to determine the presence of “ADHD,” and a script is written. This mass distribution of the stimulant drug is largely responsible for the epidemic of abuse we have resultantly seen.

Shockingly, some parents actually push Adderall on their children. Despite the lack of any ADHD or ADD symptoms being present, Adderall is largely known as a mental performance enhancing drug and those with a competitive edge will go to any length for their child to do well in school, get into a good college and simply be “the best.” For this reason, our national addiction to stimulant drugs like Adderall (and Dexedrine, Ritalin and even caffeine) needs to be addressed on a larger scale. Some of these kids have these drugs pushed on them by their parents, and doctors are more than happy to hand them out while the kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies are plenty.

Dangers and Adverse Effects of Prescription Stimulants

What does Adderall abuse becoming more popular among teens mean for our future? What can we expect?

In the US, there are literally millions of kids and young adults who are physically and mentally dependent on Adderall. The body has become addicted to it and has forgotten how to function without it, and the mind has similarly become unable to attain happiness, concentration and mental stability without the crutch of the drug. This is addiction, in its most basic form, coupled with a mass promotion of the false idea that an inability to concentrate is a disease: not curable, but manageable.

Adderall is in the same drug classification (Schedule II) as morphine and cocaine, thus its likelihood for addiction and abuse is very high. It can be taken orally, but is very often snorted by easily breaking the pill open. Ingestion of Adderall in this way is highly dangerous and can lead to anxiety, seizures, paranoia and hallucinations.

Many who abuse Adderall need drug rehab services. Some think because the drug is legal and a prescription they will not become addicted to it. This is one of the biggest myths surrounding the drug.

Adderall is increasing popular in teens so parents should be aware and find drug rehab services as soon as they know their son or daughter is struggling with Adderall addiction.

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