All Time High Opioid Abuse Causes National Concern

Some of the more well known drugs classified as opioids are Heroin, Oxycontin, Vicodin and morphine. The function of an opioid is basically to suppress pain.

Per recent statistics, the abuse of these drugs has hit an all time high with a resultant surge in addicts across the country. Some experts are even referring to this increase as an epidemic.

Last year some 210 million prescriptions were written for opioid medications. Although there are other varieties of prescription drugs that are also being abused, opiods are currently the biggest problem on a national level.

Prescription drugs are, after marijuana and alcohol, the most abused substances out on the market. The reasons are not hard to find, the drugs are legal in some form or another due to the fact that they can be doctor prescribed. The ease in which someone can obtain a prescription drug and then abuse it is much higher than with an illegal street drug, and yet in most cases can be just as addicting when abused. Opioids are the largest percentage of prescription drug abuse.

While these drugs may help in the necessary treatment of pain, the drugs can rapidly lead to dependence. Adolescents are one of the most vulnerable groups getting hit with opioid dependence. A 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 9.2 percent of youth aged 12-17 had used prescription drugs at some point for a non-medical reason in the past year, 4 percent were current users.

Getting Through Opioid Addiction

Once someone is addicted to an opioid, it can be very difficult to get them through withdrawal. The symptoms can include insomnia, restlessness, muscle pain, vomiting, etc. It is imperative that when someone is attempting to handle an addiction to an opioid, that they get the proper care in order to get off of the drug safely and effectively.

One of the reasons that opioids are so hard to come off is due to the fact that they are a synthetic drug produced in a lab. As with everything else, the further removed from nature, the harder the substance is for the body to handle. Drugs such as heroin and cocaine, as bad as they are, at least are not very far removed from a plant state, for example, heroin is produced from the poppy plant, cocaine from the coca leaf. When you have a wholly synthetic drug, like many of the opioid pain killers are, it can be very difficult to come off of them.

One Solution For Rehab Services

Narconon of Vista Bay services is one program that can help someone rid themselves of these addictions and get back onto a successful path in life. The program takes between 4-6 months depending on the person and is a drug-free rehab with a 76% success rate.
The reason why it is so successful it because it attacks addiction on two levels; first the physical and then the mental and emotional aspects. The Narconon of Vista Bay services program uses a dry heat sauna to rid the body of toxins in a program called the New Life Detoxification program.

Then the treatment center uses Life Skills therapy to handle the emotional aspects of addiction through a series of courses.

The results are unlike any other and even those with severe opioid addictions have been able to fully recover.

For more information on Narconon of Vista Bay services contact us today. Even though the abuse of opioid drugs hits all-time high it is not to late to get help for the problem.


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