An Inside Look At Researchers Breeding Alcoholic Mice To Study Alcoholism

A recent study was done where researches were breeding alcoholic mice to study alcoholism. The breeding was done to look at the genetic line of addiction as compared to no genetic line of abuse of the substance. The findings of the study showed that the mice, no matter the gender preferred alcohol to water after being given the substance several times. What could be looked at as a result of the study is the definition of addiction and if it is something correctly looked at in society.

For the many who know someone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction or are struggling with one themselves they have probably asked the question; what is addiction?

Is it something passed down through genes or does a more simple explanation exist for the problem. Also is there a connection between blood relatives that drink or use drugs as an example of behavior and environment.

Possible Ways An Addiction Can Start

Based on the data from the study done on breeding mice to study alcoholism there isn’t necessarily a connection between genetics and addiction. We see some families with a steady history of drug or alcohol abuse affecting many of its members. We then see others with no family connection whatsoever that fall victim to the problem. There are also those whose families are full of addiction, that never pick up drugs or alcohol. So how can an addiction start?

There are several factors that can lead someone into alcoholism. The most common are:

•    Environmental Factors – if drugs and alcohol are used often in the environment or glamorized this can start someone down the path to addiction easily. The reason why is that value is placed on these substances.

•    Stress – Those seeing others who use alcohol to deal with stress are also more likely to drink.

•    Drinking To Solve Problems – If a drink of alcohol seems like it will solve a problem for someone they may be more inclined to pick up the substance.

Underlying Issues Explained By Narconon Program

The Narconon program, an organization treating addiction for the last 48 years explains addiction in very simple and understandable terms. This is that it is a decision made by a person because they see alcohol as a solution to a problem.

The promotion by the media and other environmental factors also play a role. In addition, there is also the lack of education about the dangers of these substances making it seem like they are safe and common to use them.

Narconon’s primary management organization, Narconon International has studied alcohol addiction with humans as witness by the thousands that have undergone treatment in the organization. Most alcohol addictions can be cured, however those environmental factors as well as problems have to be handled.

As far as the physical aspect of the addiction and teamed up with theory of addiction found by breeding mice to study alcoholism, the substance is physically addictive and the more someone takes the more addicted they will become. To address this in humans the Narconon program delivers a sauna detoxification program that helps to drastically reduce physical alcohol cravings. The result is that someone can be free from the problem permanently.

Mentally, focusing on underlying problems that lead to alcoholism is the main goal of treatment. If these are handled, the person can overcome them. Unfortunately with animal studies it is impossible to examine mental issues and therefore studying alcoholism with mice is missing one component; that many is not an animal.

For more information on alcoholism treatment contact Narconon Vista Bay today at 800-874-3197.

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