Chill Pills Are New Growing Drug Abuse Trend

With the world becoming saturated with prescription drugs for just about any problem you could possibly have in your life, you can only imagine how many different prescriptions have hit the market in the last decade. There a pills for anxiety or depression or hyperactive individuals. All of these pills are supposed to calm you down or “chill” you out.

This is how they obtained the name chill pills.

Doctors are prescribing these drugs to just about anyone that is a little anxious or is having a personal issue. When you are prescribed these pills, you stick them in your medicine cabinet and take them when necessary. The problem with this is your children are now having parties that are referred to as “pharm parties.” This is when adolescents take the prescriptions out of your medicine cabinet and throw them all in a bowl for guests to take if they want to.

Chill Pill Usage By Adolescents

What these adolescents do not realize is that anti-anxiety and antidepressant pills can be highly addictive. Once they begin using prescription pills that are addictive for whatever reason they are more susceptible to use drugs again. If they particularly like the pills found in your medicine cabinet, now they have a supply straight from you. Many adolescents do find these “chill pills” as enjoyable for they feel very relaxed.

Adolescents and teenagers do not realize the effects of these chill pills. Anti-anxiety pills such as Xanax can cause users to blackout while intoxicated on them. They can also causes severe seizures if you do not take them after extended use. Another issue with these drugs is both depressant and anxiety pills cause your breathing to slow and decrease your heart rate. This is why they “chill” you out.

The downfall to this is if you take a decent amount of either or both you raise the risk of discontinued breathing. Since they “chill” you out, you are likely to either fall asleep or just lay there with your eyes closed. This can lead to breathing to completely stop and next thing you know someone walks in the room and attempts to wake you up, but you are not going to wake up. Drug overdose and death are not something to just play around with and are extremely likely when taking “chill pills.” This will in turn just tear your family and friends a part and devastate the community.

Stopping Chill Pill Abuse Through Narconon Drug Rehabilitation

The problem then becomes how to stop this prescription pill bonanza that has spread throughout the country.  Narconon drug rehabilitation advises that If you are a parent who has children and take any of these “chill pills” you can consider keeping them in a safe where no one will be able to touch them at all.

The organization goes over a completely new route as well where you can talk to a doctor and find out how safe it is to come off these “chill pills” or if there is a natural way to deal with depression or anxiety. As a parent you just need to be sure to lock prescriptions away and educate your children on the effects of any kind of pill at all.

If the addiction has already begin treatment through NA is an option but there is also inpatient care with Narconon drug rehabilitation with a 76% rate of success for total and full recovery from drugs. For more information on Narconon drug rehabilitation call today.

Don’t wait to get help for yourself or a loved one.

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