Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Risky Trends Could Claim More Teenage Lives

Alcohol and drug abuse are abundant among teens. In the past few years, strange, almost inconceivable, trends have been emerging for getting high faster.

Chugging beer and smoking pot have given way to snorting household spices and inserting alcohol-soaked objects into every orifice available. It is baffling for parents and treatment centers like Narconon that are trying to prevent addiction and overdose.

There seems to be no limit to the things that teens will try for a quick, powerful high. Substance abuse tends to increase during the holiday break for high school and college students, who find themselves with more free time to socialize during the weeks off between semesters. Detailed below are just a few of the things Narconon found out that teenagers are doing and the consequences they willingly risk for a quick high.

AWOL—Alcohol WithOut Liquid—is ingesting alcohol through an inhaler-like device. AWOL appeals to teens who desire a “calorie-free” way to get their alcoholic beverages. The high levels of alcohol that reach the brain in a short period of time can cause rapid alcohol poisoning. If not treated promptly, death can occur.

Eyeball Shots involve using an eyedropper or other delivery tool to pour vodka directly into the eye. Since the eye has tiny blood vessels, a quick buzz is not guaranteed. However, severe and permanent damage to the cornea is likely.

Vodka-soaked tampons are one of the most aggressive and dangerous trends. Girls insert the tampons vaginally, and boys use a rectal application. The alcohol seeps into the bloodstream through the mucus membranes, causing deadly alcohol poisoning to develop more rapidly than with oral consumption.

A similar practice dubbed “butt chugging” involves delivering hard liquor—whiskey, scotch, etc.—directly into the rectum by using a beer bong. The colon instantly absorbs the alcohol. Besides exposing yourself to a group of friends and asking someone to “assist your drinking,” the potential for alcohol poisoning is great because you cannot throw up any of the alcohol.

Then there is snorting ground nutmeg from mom’s spice cabinet. This strange fad causes a delayed high. In four to five hours, the user will experience a high, accompanied by vomiting, reduced motor function control and extreme hallucinations.

It is shocking that teens are willing to forego privacy, self-respect and their reputations for a high that has the real potential to kill them. All they have to do is look around to see the results of their actions, so one cannot say that these teens are ignorant or misinformed. There is no other word to describe these practices but stupidity.

These fads are threatening teenagers’ lives. It is frightening to think about the number of kids out there who are trying these dangerous behaviors. If you need help for your teen—don’t wait any longer—contact a Narconon rehab or call 1-800-556-8885 to speak with a Drug Addiction counselor today.

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