Drug Use and Abuse Has Long History in America

Narconon Arrowhead describes the drug trends in America that have been around since long before the current war on drugs began. The earliest recorded use of marijuana in North America was when it was cultivated in the 1600s by Jamestown settlers for its strong fibers, which provided rope, clothing and sails. Later, in the 1850s, it was used medicinally and sold in general stores throughout the still-young nation.

During this time and into the 1860s, Chinese laborers working on the railroad smoked opium, and in 1886, Coca-Cola was introduced as the first beverage of its kind to be made from syrup from the leaves of the coca plant and African cola nuts. During this same period, U.S. Army Surgeon General Dr. William Alexander Hammond endorsed the medical use of cocaine at a meeting of the New York Neurological Society. The long-term effects of cocaine use and abuse are still relatively unknown.

From 1887 to the early 1900s, the discovery and development of more drugs were on the rise. In 1887, amphetamine and heroin were produced for the first time. Much anticipation surrounded the introduction of heroin as it was seen as a possible cure for morphine addiction. Morphine addiction was a serious problem in the United States at this time, due to the excessive use of the drug during the Civil War.

The early 1900s found tonics made from cocaine and opium sold and used by people of every socio-economic class. This early drug culture even affected people like Thomas Edison and Sarah Bernhart, who promoted the “miraculous” healing properties of these concoctions.

There were no regulations or restrictions of these products at the time, and the use of these narcotics became widely accepted in society. As is still the case now, Hollywood was a leader in drug use, and it was a big part of the silent film industry. By 1902, there were an estimated 200,000 people addicted to cocaine in the United States.

By the 1920s, the realities of drug abuse and addiction become more widespread. Because of an increase in the price of alcohol due to the Volstead Act, many people turned to smoking marijuana as a replacement. By 1943, smoking marijuana in the United States was a criminal offense. LSD was also discovered in 1943 and seen as a potentially valuable tool in the treatment of psychiatric patients.

However, its popularity as a street drug soon took over, and LSD use exploded in the 1960s. Around that time popular drug rehab centers such as Narconon started operating in California and now they have centers around the world.

Drug trends continued appearing, the current war on drugs began in the 1980s when the use of crack cocaine became popular. School programs like D.A.R.E., Drug Abuse Resistance Education, were introduced to elementary-aged students across the country. This program and others like it still teach children about the dangers of drug abuse and how to say no to peer pressure.

Drug trends of use and abuse, legality and illegality will always be a part of our society at some level, so the problem of addiction will no doubt remain prevalent. Rehab organizations provide education and support for drug addicts and their families. To find information about drug rehabs such as the Narconon program in your area, call 1-800-556-8885.

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