Drug Use Concerns Still On Teens And Women

Substance abuse has, for decades, been the most important challenge we face in the world, in our nations, our communities and our homes. With increases seen recently in young people, we can only use what we have seen to project potential usage predictions for the future. Based on this, our future looks bleak. Specifically, rising drug use among youth and women necessitates a change in strategy amongst lawmakers and educators to target this specialized demographic.

Over the years, males have commonly been seen to abuse drugs more frequently. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) has found new statistical uptrends in drug use amongst women. In 2008, girls and young women using drugs climbed to numbers mimicking those of the males. In many ways, drug addiction for women can be worse than men. Also in 2008, more girls than boys started smoking (tobacco and marijuana) and drinking excessively. Therefore, the idea that males are the top offenders in drug abuse is starting to look a little outdated.

More On The Problem

Females, young and old, are infamously vulnerable and, in most cases, much more so than males. Because of this, the addiction potentialities are much worse. Young women struggle with issues like self-consciousness (due to weight and hormonal changes), efforts to be popular and fit in, depression and relationship issues—all of which on a very intense emotional level. About three times more girls than guys report experiencing depression, and this is a huge factor in the abuse of prescription drugs.

Statistically, females are more likely to abuse prescription drugs than males. These medications are relatively easy to obtain, and when you consider a young female who wants to use drugs, it is far more likely that she will head to her parents’ medicine cabinet and steal a few pills than interact with a shady drug dealer. Males are also very involved with prescription drug abuse—pain pills and other medications like Adderall and Dexedrine are popular among high school and college students as party drugs and “study aids.” Because of these habit-forming drugs, it is not uncommon at all to encounter kids in their early twenties who have already been to several rehab programs, struggling with prescription drug dependency.

Emerging drugs like synthetic marijuana and bath salts also present a new challenge in the problem of rising drug use among youth and women. These substances, legal in many parts of the US and available all over the internet, are widely marketed to young adults. They are called “fake pot” and “fake meth,” and manufacturers offer them as safe and legal alternatives to the real thing. In fact, these drugs have produced an alarming number of fatalities and adverse effects. Lawmakers across the country are working tirelessly to outlaw these substances completely.

Drug Rehab And Drug Addiction For Youth And Women

Rising drug use among youth and women means a slew of consequences in the coming years. Adolescent drug abuse is linked to teen pregnancy, criminality and failures in school. Take the time to educate yourself and your young adult today, and you may prevent a lifetime of tragedy.

For those addicted, the only solution is drug rehab. There and many youth and women programs available and the most important things about the treatment is that it is residential, long term and drug free.

This will produce the highest success for results permanently.

For more information on drug rehab for women or youth contact us today. Rising drug use among youth and women is something that can be completely handled.

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