Elderly Are Unsuspecting Victims of Drug Abuse

While someone’s grandma who is over 60 years old is sitting there drinking her glass of wine, taking medication for blood pressure, anxiety, depression and sleep problems, no one in the room suspects her of addiction whatsoever. The minds of loved one’s of the elderly are thinking farthest thing from their beloved mother or grandmother is addicted to drugs.

This is seen all over the world. Everyone assumes because the elderly are older they need more medication to help them make it through the day. Is this not the same thing young drug addicts think though?

According to the latest government studies substance abuse in seniors expected to rise, and actually double in the next 10 years. This is due to many reasons but one primary one is that it is often overlooked that an elderly person could be a drug addict.

How Does Someone Finally Notice An Elderly Person Is Abusing Drugs

Attempting to figure out if an elderly is truly addicted to drugs may not be the easiest task.

Most elderly people take the amount prescribed for an extended period of time. This leads to you thinking they will always take the prescribed amount of a drug and that they truly do need the drug in order to make it through the day. The truth is just like any other person who starts abusing drugs, one starts with the prescribed amount, but then they build a tolerance to the drug and need more and more. Whether they ask their doctor to increase the amount or just start taking more and more of their current prescription, it is drug abuse.

If you suspect someone elderly of abusing drugs, check their prescription bottles and write down a list of all the medication they are taking. Take the list and search what each medication does and its negative side effects. This will help you understand why they are taking medication and how much they are taking. Also observe if they are drinking on any of these medications. This will help one to get an idea of the amount of medication being ingested each day by your loved one.

Some of the tell-tale signs of drug abuse in elderly are the following:
•    Excessive sleeping
•    Missing appointments
•    Considerable memory loss
•    Going to multiple doctors for the same prescription
•    Loss of desire to do anything
•    Claiming they lost their prescription

How Much Trouble Will Drug Abuse By The Elderly Be

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration predicts that U.S adults over the age of 50 seeking substance abuse treatment will increase from the 2.8 million that require treatment right now to 5.7 million by the year of 2020. This is a 50% increase in how many elderly will need to be treated for drug abuse in just 8 years from now.

The major issue in the increase is that most doctors are not trained in drug dependency, but just in curing the problem. Therefore instead of the doctor prescribing pain relievers and physical therapy, the doctors decide to just prescribe the medication and do nothing to solve the problem completely. The doctors seem to be just masking the problem of pain or anxiety and not doing anything to solve the issue at hand. If more doctors were trained in seeing drug dependency and solving addiction problems, there would be less cases of the elderly or anyone becoming addicted to medications.

Once an elderly person is hooked on drugs they will Narconon drug rehabilitation, NA or some type of inpatient help that will handle all aspects of their substance abuse problem.

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