Fake Marijuana Newest Thing To Worry About

Out of all the things parents have to worry about already, now there is fake marijuana on the market. This fake marijuana began booming in early 2000 and is still on the market.

While DEA and other agencies have taken some of the brands off the market, it is difficult to stop them when what you have known all these years as a drug is not recreating itself with a slightly different chemical makeup.

The issues with fake marijuana are that chemists are finding ways to mimic the phenomena of marijuana by using different chemicals to get high. Due to the fact the chemical makeup is different federal agencies cannot take it off the market without doing a number of tests and evidence that the fake marijuana acts just like a drug does on the brain.

There are a number of different brands of this fake marijuana you can buy at a smoke shop or a convenience store. All of them produce similar effects and little is known about any of them. This fake marijuana strikes adolescents attention because now instead of finding a drug dealer you just go to your local store and buy some. These adolescents do not think about the consequences because it is legal, so they assume it is safe.

Health Effects Of Fake Marijuana

This is a big problem because nobody has been able to research if this fake marijuana is safe or if it is even addictive.  There are many teenagers and even adults being sent to emergency rooms and seem extremely intoxicated. Their symptoms ranged from high blood pressure, excessive sweating or anxiousness. Now this does not sound like the marijuana that people know does it? Fake marijuana seems to have an adverse effect on many people and does not relax you at all.

When these people are sent to the emergency rooms the doctors have no clue what is causing these symptoms because drug test come back negative for everything. If the patient cannot tell them what it is they ingested then it’s very difficult to pinpoint. This is another huge issue because then doctors cannot treat them from anything; all they can do is guess.

While fake marijuana is causing adverse effects on many people, there are others who experience feelings very similar to marijuana. These are the people who are subject to the unknown long term effects of the drug. Nobody has any idea what the long term effects could be since it has only been on the market for less than 10 years. This creates another issue for federal agencies because they do not want this substance to affect anyone negatively and want it off the streets, but cannot prove anything just yet. If fake marijuana continues to stay on the market, parents need to be aware of what it can do to their children and be on the lookout as to stop it before it even starts.

Narconon Objectives Can Handle Fake Marijuana Addiction

Those who are in recovery from a different drug addiction or others on probation are beginning to use fake marijuana as a substitute or just a way to get high without anyone knowing. This raises concern because you have people who are trying to better themselves and start a new life, but who cannot because of an abuse problem to this drug.

Narconon Objectives delivered through the Narconon drug rehabilitation program which is not an NA program are great exercises to handle fake marijuana addiction or any addiction. Narconon Objectives help drug users to get un-struck from past events involving drug use so that they can move forward. This and the other program steps achieve great success for full recovery from addiction.

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