How Addictive Is The Cocaine Energy Drink

Cocaine, not the drug but a new energy drink that does not actually contain cocaine was released by a company called Redux, causing stirs across the nation. Because of the comparison to cocaine the drink was pulled off the shelf with the company having to rename and reissue it. Their plan is to re-release the energy drink under the original name Cocaine.

The cocaine energy drink is said to have more caffeine than Starbucks coffee as well as the competitor drinks; Red Bull and Rockstar. Distribution of the cocaine energy drink  has not yet been looked at as far as success of sales but the drink is priced at $1.99 and is sold at many different grocery stores and gas stations across the United States. [Ref: Redux web-site]

Are Energy Drinks Addictive

Not like cocaine, but yes, energy drinks are addictive. The topic and even damaging as covered in a segment by Dr. Oz. Because of the caffeine content and the other chemicals in these drinks that remain unregulated energy drinks can cause a variety of problems for users such as:

•    Heart Issues
•    Anxiety
•    Stomach Problems
•    Paranoia
•    Fear
•    Jitteriness and Shakiness

The other problem with these drinks is that those drinking them will go up, having increased energy and then come down. The only way to feel good again is to drink more.

This is how one becomes addicted to energy drinks.

Caffeine is used by 90% of the population whether it’s soda, coffee or even tea. But energy drinks contain an unregulated amount of caffeine that can cause many problems for users.

Information About Cocaine

Actual cocaine is a much stronger stimulant than caffeine and is abuse by many people. The drug has a long history as with medical use until it was outlawed and made illegal because of it’s addictive qualities. Cocaine is now a Schedule II narcotic.

The drug accounts for over 11% of all drug treatment admissions including both powder cocaine and crack cocaine.

Narconon Rehab Teaches Nutrition As Part Of Recovery

Even though caffeine is not an extremely dangerous drug, it does cause damage to those abusing it. Part of getting help for an addiction whether to drugs, alcohol or caffeine is stopping the use of the substances. At Narconon rehab attention is put on nutrition as a key part of treatment. One of the primary tools used through Narconon is the use of a dry heat sauna in a program called The New Life Detoxification Program. Patients will be able to do the following as a successful component of getting back to health and nutrition:

•    A specific vitamin and mineral program.
•    Nutritious foods such as plenty of fruits and vegetables.
•    Sweating in a dry heat sauna in 20 minute interims for a few hours per day.
•    Cold pressed oils.
•    Plenty of water to flush out the system and stay hydrated.
•    30 minutes of exercise daily.

Although caffeine is not forbidden in the program many clients will cut this out as they adopt a new healthy lifestyle; the same goes for smoking. As an individual gets more and more healthy, cutting out drugs and alcohol completely from their lifestyle, they are unable to drink energy drinks, or even eat junk food or do anything that may damage their bodies. The result is long term health and body recovery from the damage that drugs do to the body.

Narconon California can successfully help anyone suffering with an addiction to cocaine and achieves a 76% success rate for cocaine recovery. For more information on Narconon rehab contact Narconon Vista Bay today at 800-874-3197.

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