K2 Drug Effects And K2 Abuse

Synthetic marijuana has been hitting the streets in these recent years. One of the most popular types has been K2. This synthetic drug did not become popular until about 2010 and then it began to make headlines all over the nation. K2 is supposed to produce the same phenomena that marijuana does to the brain, yet little research has been done on the synthetic drug.

The effects of K2 that have been discovered thus far are bloodshot eyes, feeling dizzy or acting silly. Most of you will think well that sounds just like smoking marijuana, but you do not see marijuana sending users to emergency rooms and hallucinating.  These are just the effects that have been recorded since the product has hit the markets. If you use K2 you will also suffer from memory loss, anxiety or rapid heart rate.

Marijuana usually creates a mellow and euphoric feeling, while it still poses threats to you as well. K2 seems to have opposite effects on you if you smoke it. Some have also experienced drastically increased heart rate, vomiting and sever paranoia. These effects are the ones sending you to find the closest emergency room to your house.

The reason for K2 being sold in stores all across the nation is that the chemical makeup does not look strikingly similar to marijuana and the manufacturers sell K2 as incense instead of an inhalant. This led to DEA and FDA to not looking at the product when it first came on to the market. Once authorities saw people were actually smoking K2 and abusing it, then there came a raise in the concern level of what this substance truly was.

K2 is a mixture of many unregulated items. The substance generally consists of leaves and then chemicals sprayed onto these leaves that supposedly replicate the THC effect of marijuana, but as one can see there is a large difference in effects. Another major concern is the FDA and other organizations do not know the effects of these chemical mixtures or if they are even safe for you to consume at all.

K2 Dangers

To the FDA and DEA raised concern about the substance, both organizations have taken a stand and took the original K2 off the market pending an investigation and research of the true effects of the substance before it could be sold again. Depending on their findings K2 may be taken off the market completely and put on the illegal controlled substances list. This is a huge step toward getting this legal marijuana off the streets.

The majority of users are people either on probation or that have to pass drug tests on a regular basis for their job because K2 does not show up on drug tests. Also many adolescents who may not have drug dealers to run to yet or are afraid of their parents have begun using K2 and other similar substances to “feel good” or “escape.” K2 has been the drug people who cannot risk being caught with real drugs have turned to and it has turned into an epidemic and just covers up the true drug problems of the nation.

Narconon Of Vista Bay Services

Although the effects of K2 are dangerous those addicted to the drug can be helped through rehabilitation. Not an NA program, Narconon of Vista Bay services is a long term treatment option that achieves one of the highest success rates in the world. The program allows those abusing K2 to cleanse their bodies through a sauna detoxification program as well as delivering life skills services to help with the mental and emotional aspects of substance abuse.

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