Majority Of Men Arrested Test Positive For Drug Use

In some parts of the United States, as much as 81% of adult male arrestees test positive for drug use at the time of their arrest, according to a report issued in May, 2012, by the White House.

The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program II report is issued annually by the Office of Natural Drug Control Policy and provides accurate information to policymakers with trends and accurate statistical information on what drugs are being used where, how much and by whom—characteristics of users, patterns, etc. 10 cities are participant in the collection of this data, including Washington, DC, Portland, Atlanta, New York and others.

In every participating city, well over half of the adult males arrested tested positive for having at least one drug in their system—percentages in each city did not sink below 60%.

Marijuana was the most prominent drug detected by testing, which was done on detainees through urine analysis within 48 hours of the arrests for crimes varying from

Misdemeanors to Felonies. Many testees were positive for multiple drugs (opiates, cocaine and oxycodone). Meth was among the most common in cities like Portland and Sacramento, California, where 81% of the adult males arrested tested positive for drug use.

This information confirms and reinforces for many that the rampant problem of drug use should be addressed less from a criminal justice standpoint, and more as a public health issue. Countless years of research and empirical observation has shown us that criminality and drug use are linked, and too often the substance abuse and drug dependency provides the driving force for the criminal’s behavior and decisions. A strong criminal justice system will always be necessary in our communities to provide and protect public safety. However, the drug problem has evolved to new a new degree with an epidemic in pharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs, making it very apparent that no number of arrests will solve the problem alone.

This data, further confirming the well-understood connection between criminal activity and drug use, hopefully will continue to provide support to programs that provide treatment to substance abusers and monitor actions to see change, rather than simply filling prisons and repeat offenders again and again.

What Are the Major Problems Regarding Men And Drug Use

Methamphetamine has historically been more of a problem in the Western parts of the country, but has been especially pronounced in Oregon in recent years. However, despite Portland’s meth statistics being high, they are still lower than Sacramento. The leading reason for this is believed to be Oregon’s recently implemented  and highly controversial law against the over-the-counter-sale of pseudoephedrine. In California, this substance (used in the manufacture of meth) is still available as an over-the-counter medicine. Oregon put in the law as a measure to fight meth, however, the state is wedged between two others that provide no control on the sale of pseudoephedrine—Washington and California both provide easy access sale of pseudoephedrine without a prescription.

Narconon Meetings And Drug Court Solutions

For those in the criminal justice system with substance abuse problems one of the only solutions is treatment through the drug court. However there are also many that have drug addiction issues and have not yet been arrested and are eligible for treatment.

One possible solution for this is through Narconon meetings during residential treatment. Narconon meetings are not set up as traditional meetings but group and individual actions that each client goes through to handle the mental and physical aspect of their addiction problem.

The result is permanent sobriety from drug use.

For more information on Narconon meetings contact us today.

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