Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Local Community Outreach

Year round, Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation goes into their communities, and becomes a step closer to a drug-free, crime-free planet. They make this happen in several ways, each of them consisting of getting involved in the their communities and offering support.

Regional Fairs

Every summer, regions across the country hold their annual festivals. Business organizations from all around the community come and run booths to bring knowledge to their products. Narconon Drug Rehab is no different. Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab has a stand that reaches out to people in need of help, as well as to offer fun to youngsters. Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab provides free prizes to children and sends these boys and girls on their way with a “10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs” book. Narconon Vista Bay’s goal for such affairs is to deliver expertise that will aid in preventing women and men from ever experimenting with alcohol and drugs. Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehab, at the same time, hopes to convey plenty of information and facts to those people who have already experimented with drugs to help them change their opinions and stop using them. While at the local festivals, Narconon Drug Treatment consistently encounters teachers in the area who make arrangements to get free drug education brought to their schools.

Drug Ed in the School Room

Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab is a drug and alcohol treatment program, and it is also a drug education and prevention program. Each day during the school year, Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Drug Education and Prevention Staff go to the schools inside their areas to educate kids concerning the facts about drugs. Rather than scaring the children about harmful drugs the way prevention programs aimed to do previously, Narconon Drug Treatment provides the boys and girls the facts hoping that they’ll make sound personal decisions with regards to drugs. Narconon Drug Education Counselors have found that imparting children with the reality regarding harmful drugs, and the power of choice, is actually a much more useful means for pointing them in the right direction. Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation believes that individuals are basically good and when offered the truth they’ll likely arrive at the best conclusion for themselves. Word of mouth is Narconon Drug Education and Prevention’s strongest promotional strategy, and each year a growing number of schools are reaching out for this totally free service that Narconon Alcohol and Drug Treatment provides its community.

National Night Out

Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab has partnered with National Night Out, a gathering held yearly for raising community awareness and reinforcing community relations along with neighborhood public safety organizations. It’s consistently a really enjoyable event for anyone who shows up. Dinner and entertainment is provided for free, and there are a variety of activities for the children. These kinds of activities are a big success with over Five hundred individuals in attendance at every location. The driving force behind this success is the Narconon staff members. Their pleasant demeanor and commitment helps make each function a good one. This act of giving time to improve their local communities is selfless and truly going past the requirements of a Drug Rehabilitation Facility.

Racing Events

Narconon Vista Bay Drug and Alcohol Rehab is known to help out at local events, for example auto and motorbike racing. Narconon Drug Treatment employees will volunteer at these activities participating in everything from punching tickets to checking individuals in as a way to get their name out there and make healthy public relations with other local betterment groups.

School Dances

Narconon Drug Treatment recognizes that offering high school kids a secure place to use can be a frustrating undertaking, so they aid schools inside their communities set up sober functions for their students. Narconon Drug and Alcohol Treatment will prepare the event for the school and staff it with its own employees. Narconon Drug Treatment employees will chaperone the celebration and make sure that there are no drugs or alcohol brought into the party or used there. High schools love this as it provides them the chance to relax while permitting an experienced team make the function a safe and risk-free one.
Toys and games for Children in Need

Narconon goes out to women’s shelters inside their communities and remains active throughout their lives just by sending food to the shelters and delivering gifts to the children during the holidays. There’s nothing more positive than delighted kids and this is only a part of what Narconon will do to make sure that children grow up happy, flourishing and free from drugs.

Narconon’s Purpose

Narconon’s aim is a drug-free, crime-free planet. They’ve created centers across the planet to help individuals free themselves from substance dependence and grow into successful, happy members of society. The majority of these programs offer free drug education to the schools throughout their communities. They do this as a way of preventing young children from doing alcohol and drugs before they have started. Each day Narconon Alcohol and Drug Treatment works selflessly and tirelessly in the direction of their goal in hopes of one day having a world where everybody attains their whole potential as joyful, successful members of a drug-free and crime-free society.

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