Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab Discusses the Beginnings of Cocaine

Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehab has dedicated numerous years to caring for men and women because of their dependence on cocaine. This tremendously habit-forming substance has adversely harmed immeasurable folks across the globe, and in addition shaped the history of mankind.

The South American Coca Plant

For over a thousand years, individuals native to South America have regularly used coca leaves orally. The coca leaves come from a plant that has health-building substances in it, in addition to cocaine. To this day, native populations living in Latin America chew on the leaves from the coca plant. Very much like countless cocaine abusers in modern times, the local people chew on the coca leaf to be able to have energy and heightened spirits.

After Spanish settlers located South America they were introduced to the coca leaf by the locals, and taught that it would give them potency and stamina. Since they found out that this claim, to some degree, had been real they imposed taxes on it, keeping 10% of the sales received from every harvest.

The Drug, Cocaine

The Spanish settlers and the South Americans regarded it as a panacea, which can often heal physical injuries and also alleviate colds. Cocaine is regarded as a central nervous system stimulant and it’ll certainly curb an individual’s hunger levels, though the various other claims are suspicious.

Friedrich Gaedcke, a chemist coming from Germany, came to be the first one to identify the cocaine alkaloid during 1855. He referred to it as “erythroxyline”. A couple of years down the road, a med student from Germany named Albert Niemann uncovered a much better technique for purifying cocaine. Niemann received his Ph.D. for his write up regarding this very technique. His thesis is presently within the British Library. The brand “cocaine” is derived from “coca”, the title of the coca leaves, and the suffix “caine” essentially the suffix utilized for man-made local anesthetics.

For Medicinal Purposes

It had been shortly after the isolation of the alkaloid currently recognized as cocaine that Western doctors began to sell it and employ it principally for the purpose of anesthesia. Cocaine use in today’s medicine is virtually non-existent. Cocaine was also utilized to end dependence on morphine beginning in 1879.

Presence in Mainstream Culture

Angelo Mariani, a chemist, around 1863, put a new wine on the market, Vin Mariani, containing extracts of coca leaves. The first Coca-Cola soda was made with coca leaves prior to the organization of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Another United States organization called Parke-Davis presented cocaine in various forms. In 1885 this organization sold it in cigarettes, powdered forms, and they even marketed an I.V. variety, which contained a syringe so that folks would be able to self-administer this so called “wonder drug.” They touted their cocaine infused products as an alternative for eating, and a solution to help make shy people courageous.

Cocaine accumulated such popularity that writer Arthur Conan Doyle created his most well known character, Sherlock Holmes, as having a dependence on cocaine.
Cocaine came to be so widely used that it was being made available in neighborhood pharmacies for merely a few pennies per package.

Cocaine Made Criminal

Through the early 20th century, cocaine’s uncontrollable and detrimental character had revealed its face. The substance ended up being largely affiliated with the poorer classes and some were attributing a surge of violence on white females to African American males under the influence of cocaine, yet there exists no real evidence of this. The drug, initially, was wrongly classified as a narcotic when it’s in truth a stimulant. This misunderstanding triggered problems when it came to imposing a law to protect against it until in the early 70′s when the United States government reclassified it as a controlled substance.

Cocaine In today’s times

Cocaine seems to be as sought after as at any time before. In the late nineteen-eighties in the U.S., crack cocaine made its debut around our nations poorer communities. The debut of this smokable, and seemingly cheap, form of the drug resulted in abuse of cocaine to hit larger numbers than ever throughout the 1990′s and onward. In 2005, there was greater than $70 billion worth of cocaine bought in only the U.S. This causes it to be one of the most profitable market segments imaginable.

Are You Struggling With Cocaine Addiction?

Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab features a specialized drug dependency recovery program. We offer the most practical method to overcome an addiction to cocaine, which will starts by ridding one’s body of all substance residuals. An individual does this by going through out Sauna Detox Program and benefitting from professional oversight from our staff. Exercise routines and nutritional changes enable our clients begin feel much better physically. Joining such pursuits with the Sauna Detoxification Program makes it possible for an individual to get back to excellent health and fitness. Furthermore, it will get a person’s brain clear so they are ready for the psychological portion of our rehab program where the recovering drug abuser will be taught how to take command over their existence and be content. We believe that dependence on cocaine is only an indication of unhappiness and lack of personal control. Whenever a person discovers how they can face their phobias and their everyday life, and has sorted out the humiliation and remorse linked to the problems brought on by cocaine dependency, they will be ready to pursue a joyful and effective lifestyle. When one can live contentedly and effectively, the desire to use cocaine goes away.

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation is here to help you break away from addiction so you can take control of your existence and achieve your hopes and dreams. We are particularly good at this. 76% of our graduates continue to be drug free 12 months following completing our Program. Contact us at 1-800-556-8885. We can help.

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