Narconon Drug Rehab Addresses Oxycontin and Xanax Addictions

With the program at Narconon Vista Bay, help for Oxycontin or Xanac addiction is possible and treatment is only a call away. 

Doctors prescribe narcotics such as Oxycontin for all kinds of reasons.  This is an addictive opiate like morphine, which of course will mask the pain and provide euphoric feelings, possibly seeming like a miraculous cure,  But as the time of use continues, the side effects kick in and without fail, addiction consumes the person.   Xanax, is a prescription medication (drug) that is used primarily to treat anxiety such as panic attacks or even stress can.  As with other types of drugs, prolonged use of Xanax will lead to a physical and emotional addiction. The numbing effects between dosages cease to provide relief and the initial symptoms of stress and anxiety simply come back, often stronger.  For many addicts, they may even know the addiction is destroying their body and mind, but they feel powerless to stop the pain they are feeling.  Increased dosages lead to increased dependency. No longer able to function properly, they find themselves in the very depths of addiction.

But there is hope!  If you need a Prescription Addiction Treatment Program for Xanax or Oxycontin Dependency, call us today!

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