Narconon Drug Treatment Looks into the Most Frequently Abused Prescription Medications

The truth about Prescritpion Drug Abuse | Narconon

There are many misconceptions with regard to the real dangers of prescribed medication addiction. In this article, Narconon Vista Bay will pass on various critical points relating to the seriousness of prescribed medication abuse so as to understand, and as a consequence, minimize the detrimental influences of such prescriptions in today’s world.

A good number of individuals are suffering from the error in judgment that abusing prescription medications can be less hazardous as compared with using illegal street drugs such as heroin. The reality is that prescription drug addiction could have just as many unhealthy effects as using street drugs. What’s more, because of the amount of increase surrounding the abuse of many prescription drugs, it is crucial that communities around the U.S. engage in prevention measures in an attempt to stop this particular crisis.

Prescription abuse is characterized by taking prescribed drugs that have been meant for a different individual, using someone’s personal prescription medication more often than prescribed, or taking a prescription medication for motives besides what was prescribed.

The most abused Prescription Drugs | Narconon

The most normally abused pharmaceuticals tend to be painkillers, which include OxyContin, OxyCodone, Vicodin or Codeine, CNS (Central Nervous System) depressants most notably Valium or Xanax, and also stimulants such as Adderal and Ritalin. Various over the counter medicines that can be commonly abused are cough syrups made up of dextromethorphan (street name DXM). All of these medicines can be very unsafe anytime they are misused, each one with the potential for addiction, not to mention overdose.

Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse | Narconon

There are definite amounts of severity in relation to prescribed medication addiction, nonetheless, regardless of how a person abuses pharmaceuticals, they’re putting themselves in danger and will have to get help from a residential drug rehab facility like Narconon. Quite a few addicted people steal other individual’s medications for signs and symptoms, which the prescription medication is meant for (i.e. painkillers for pain, sleeping pills for insomnia, etc.). The problem is, these are the medications of others and using them constitutes abuse. Assuming the medication is actually required, a person should have the capacity to very easily attain it using their health care provider. Other prescription medication addicts engage in much more unsafe types of misuse, like consuming more than the approved quantity, snorting, or possibly even injecting the medication to create more of a rush.

At the time someone begins to abuse prescriptions, they are surely entering into a daily existence having to do with deceit and secrecy. In order to maintain a lifestyle of prescription abuse, the addict gets obsessed with trying to find more of the prescription drug. These folks will probably steal medications from others, move from doctor to doctor to try and secure an array of prescriptions, pay a visit to drug dealers to obtain more medicine, or even take part in unlawful acts, which can include robbing pharmacies.

An added complication of prescribed medication abuse is acute physical dependence. Anytime someone consumes medications over duration of time, their system changes because of the existence of the prescription drug and the body generates more or less of selected chemicals to compensate. Anytime the prescription drug use is discontinued, it will require some time for the body to resume normal performance and throughout this process, the user undergoes what is referred to as withdrawal. Very common withdrawal signs and symptoms produced by prescribed drugs include nausea or vomiting, chills, looseness of the bowels, vomiting, muscle cramping pains, physical soreness, sleeplessness, and also a significant desire for more of the prescription drug. Withdrawal from pharmaceuticals shouldn’t be tried without having the oversight from skilled specialists like those at the detoxification unit of Narconon Vista Bay.

One of the most regrettable problems with prescription abuse is the fact that increasingly more young people are using a lot of these prescription drugs with the fictitious assumption that they’re harmless. Studies have indicated that throughout 2008, 7.7% of teenagers (or 1.9 million) aged twelve to 17 misused pharmaceuticals, the majority of which were pain medications. Pain medications have become the most extensively misused drug by teens right after smoking, alcohol consumption and marijuana.

The solution for Prescription Drug Addiction | Narconon

The method to fix prescription abuse is drug prevention and education. Narconon Drug Education Courses reach thousands of those under 18 each year and have seen fantastic outcomes. Schoolteachers claim notable differences in their student’s thinking regarding substance abuse after being informed of the actual risks of abusing drugs. It is our requirement as community members to make available to our kids, by taking advantage of drug education, the most effective chance of having a pleasant and flourishing existence. If we would like teens make the best decision with regards to drug use, education and learning is paramount.

For kids who don’t receive, or do not follow the data offered in drug education classes, Narconon Drug Rehabilitation will help them to conquer their addiction and move forward with their lives. We offer a progressive model for treating men and women from drug dependence that has particularly outstanding effects. With the Narconon Drug Rehab Program, recovering addicts are able to systematically sort out and repair all of the factors that lead to their dependence, and as well the different reasons, which have perpetuated their dependence. When these individuals graduate from our treatment program, ex-drug addicts can enjoy life without being impeded by concerns about relapse or a lack of ability to manage life.

There is liberation from drug addiction and by implementing Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation; we can build a world without substance abuse. For information about how to schedule a cost-free drug prevention and education lecture or to discover more about Narconon Drug Rehabilitation, simply give us a call at 800-556-8885.

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