Narconon Examines the Risks Involved With Drunk Driving

Narconon sees a good deal of damage resulting from abusive drinking and addiction to alcohol. One of the most disastrous effects concerning bad decision making by those that drink heavily is getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while drunk.

What is Driving Under the Influence?

Driving while intoxicated is recognized by law enforcement agencies in a number of ways, from “Driving Under the Influence (DUI)” or “Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)” to “Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (OWI).” No matter what the distinction placed on this spurious act, the elementary classification is “the function associated with running a motor vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs to the point that intellectual and motor skills are reduced.”

Driving drunk is prohibited in each and every state in the U.S. and such laws regularly extend to driving boats, flying airplanes and operating farm equipment, as well as bicycles and horse drawn carriages.

Statistics on Driving While Intoxicated:

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regards a car accident “alcohol related” should it be discovered that someone that’s involved with the collision (i.e. the driver, a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, etc.) possesses a BAC of 0.01 or greater. For non-fatal traffic accidents, it’s regarded as alcohol related if there’s evidence of alcohol.

The NHTSA has determined that during 2006, 17,941 men and women died because of drunk driving wrecks. This alarming number represents forty percent of all the automotive fatalities in the country. Moreover, the NHTSA estimates that within 2003 there had been 275,000 alcohol related crashes that resulted in trauma. The top one-year period with regard to driving while intoxicated busts, as reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics occurred during 1983 with 1.9 million and in 1996, there were 1.4 million busts.

Specialists have revealed that people that present a BAC of 0.10 have proven to be anywhere from 6 to 12 times more likely to have a lethal motor vehicle accident as opposed to sober drivers.

Examples of the Repercussions for Drunk Driving:

There is a wide array of consequences that the authorities have established to be able to reprimand folks that elect to drive under the influence. These kinds of charges vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but usually consist of most or possibly all of the subsequent examples:

  • Restricted Driving Permission (making it possible for offenders to operate a vehicle back and forth from their work or maybe school)
  • Revoked License, temporarily or perhaps forever (quite often taking place after more than one drunk driving infraction)
  • Incarceration
  • Fees

In Ohio and Minnesota, individuals that happen to be granted limited privileges, for example driving a vehicle both to and from their job, must use unique license plate on their cars that reveal they’ve been found guilty for a drunk driving offense. Also, many states nationally will fit breathalyzers within the offender’s car that won’t permit the motor vehicle to start whenever the person has been drinking.

Over all, in the United States, when it comes to driving drunk, charges are actually comparatively light as opposed to a variety of other countries around the world. For example, in Wisconsin, even people who have been caught many times for driving drunk will not have their driver’s license permanently revoked.

An SR-22 is a document that is required by state Department of motor vehicles offices with regard to drunk driving offenders attesting that the person carries either the required automobile insurance or perhaps a individual bond that meets the state’s minimum liability protection. Every state except for New Hampshire calls for this document when appropriate.

Driving While Intoxicated Harm Reduction:

A large number of city and state governing bodies in collaboration with social agencies make use of harm reduction endeavors. Most of these projects are aimed toward high-risk behaviors by imposing blood alcohol limits, passing regulations geared towards stiffening driving under the influence charges, consciousness campaigns, bettering public transportation, designated driver programs and sponsored cab rides for heavy drinking holidays, for example New Years Eve.

Treatment for Alcoholism:

The best way to put an end to drunk driving is enable men and women that abuse alcohol to get rehabilitation. At Narconon Vista Bay Rehab, we offer a thorough drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation technique that will aid addicts in living satisfied and rewarding lives without the need for alcohol.

The Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab program deals with the different physical, mental and social factors, which play a role in abusive drinking and dependence. This is performed with the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Sauna Detoxification Program in conjunction with cognitive therapy and life skills training.

When an alcoholic has diligently participated in, and graduated from, the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, they can move forward with their lives, not any longer burdened with a dependence on alcoholic beverages or a concern about relapse.

To acquire assistance for alcohol dependency or drug addiction, get in touch with Narconon Vista Bay Drug and Alcohol Rehab today. Our Intake Counselors are here to reply to any queries you might have and get you moving on a new life!


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