Narconon Talks about the Habit forming Characteristics of Antidepressants

Antidepressant Addiction | Narconon Drug Rehabilitation

Caring for people with respect to dependency on antidepressants can be hugely problematic, given that antidepressant addiction is particularly subtle in nature. Narconon Vista Bay Rehab has encountered over and over that many people don’t think of drug rehab programs regarding antidepressant addiction. This is merely because information about the particular habit forming characteristics of these prescription drugs is so misunderstood by contemporary society.

This misconception arises largely from the simple fact that being addicted to antidepressants does not display the same characteristics as addiction to other sorts of narcotics like, for example heroin or cocaine and also other prescription medications including tranquilizers or painkillers. People who use antidepressants do not get a rush or an immediate pleasure that a lot of other prescription drugs offer. Even so, antidepressants will produce an addiction which happens to be quite difficult for any user to beat just like illegal drugs, the more you’re taking, the harder it is to quit.

Antidepressant dependence is now incredibly common, mostly as a consequence of the relative ease with which doctors prescribe these types of drugs. Folks are put on antidepressants for assorted reasons stemming from depression symptoms to giving up smoking. Lots of individuals, which have been given antidepressants, tend not to really need them and for reasons yet unknown, doctors usually are not keen to discover alternate remedies when it comes to major depression and other psychological conditions before they suggest a program of antidepressants. If you’re considering taking antidepressants, based on the multitude of negative effects and habit forming makeup of such prescription medications, it’s strongly suggested that you ought to check out alternative solutions prior to committing to these types of medications.

Consequences of Antidepressant Addiction | Narconon Drug Treatment

Antidepressants, occasionally, have proven helpful for short-term therapy. The difficulties with these medicines generally commence as soon as the patient attempts to stop taking the medicine. There have been several examples of individuals out of the blue quitting the medicine; only to be thrown into outbursts of considerable melancholy and mental instability, which have triggered suicide attempts. Aside from that, these types of prescribed medicines can create strong side effects for people who are using them and may generate wildly unpredictable and psychotic behavior.

Various cases of antidepressant use or addiction gone badly are highlighted below:

  • A businessman from Indiana who was taking antidepressants for the treatment of depression found himself in a standoff with police officers, which lasted for several hours.
  • A woman from Australia who was in the process of treatment solution for depressive disorder by taking antidepressants stabbed her daughter to death saying that she was ordered to do it by God.
  • A gentleman from Mississippi had been using Celexa and Zoloft. He then went to his office and shot and mortally wounded several of his co-workers and injured many other people prior to turning the handgun on himself.
  • Again, in Australia, a lady who was being treated with Zoloft and Prozac attempted to murder her two kids and also herself with tailpipe exhaust from her car.
  • A medical facility staff member in Massachusetts mortally wounded her physician and herself while on Zoloft and Wellbutrin.
  • A male in Oregon who had quit using his antidepressant medications threatened several people with a gun and was in fact, in the end, shot by police.

This is simply a short list of incidents, which have happened as a result of antidepressant use and dependency. Naturally, several of these men and women almost certainly had a tendency toward a mental lack of stability, nevertheless that lack of stability appears to have been intensely magnified by using antidepressants and has lead to mortal consequences.

Recovery from Addiction to Antidepressants | Narconon Vista Bay Rehab

For those who are using antidepressants, don’t attempt to quit alone. This is quite dangerous and should exclusively be handled using qualified guidance. Narconon Drug Rehabilitation has properly rehabilitated a number of folks for antidepressant drug addiction. During the primary detox stage, clients are monitored around the clock and, moreover, given many therapeutic routines to take part in which lessens the emotional difficulty of stopping antidepressants. Besides that, clients are taught a wide spectrum of life skills, which in turn, when put into practice, give to them the opportunity to beneficially and effectively contend with their thoughts and feelings without necessity for additional prescriptions.

Humans are much sturdier and more resilient than we’ve been given credit for during this period of rapid-fire pharmaceutical drug treatments. Narconon has observed that antidepressants cause problems that are every bit as real and life threatening as being addicted to street narcotics. We know that positive and beneficial treatment solutions have to be broadly provided to people who are hooked on antidepressants. When you go through the Narconon Vista Bay Program, your feeling of optimism is going to be recovered and you’ll have the capacity, and motivation, to appropriately face up to obstacles in your life because of methods that will be true and enduring. There is no fast solution, which will solve all of your current problems. Nevertheless, with a little energy plus some competent guidance you can live a happy and enjoyable existence.

Call Narconon Drug Rehab right away to get started on your journey toward recovery. Our Intake Counselors are right here to guide you every step of the way and our aftercare and follow up methods will ensure that you’re not alone once you return home.

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