Narconon Vista Bay Drug and Alcohol Rehab Analyzes the Dangers Concerning Underage Alcohol Consumption

Throughout the course of years of addressing a multitude of drug abuse problems, Counselors at Narconon Alcohol Treatment find that a high percentage of our clientele began to abuse alcoholic beverages from a young age. It’s our hope that as a result of instructing the general public on the pitfalls of adolescent alcohol abuse, we will reduce this epidemic, effectively reducing the quantity of adult alcoholics and substance abusers.

Adolescent Alcohol Abuse

Booze is without a doubt the substance that is preferred amongst young boys and girls and is considered to be a leading public health matter in America.

Approximately, on an annual basis, 5,000 children under the age of 21 pass away from alcohol whether directly or indirectly. Motorized vehicle accidents are responsible for 1,900 of such deaths, a staggering 1,600 as a result of homicides, 300 due to committing suicide, with the remainder from accidents, falls, drowning, and fires.

Irrespective of these troubling statistics, alcohol consumption is without a doubt extensive amongst our kids. In 2005, Monitoring the Future (MTF) carried out their yearly study and found that 75 % of youngsters in 12th grade, two thirds of teens enrolled in the 10th grade, and additionally nearly 2 out of five 8th graders have experimented with alcoholic beverages. What tends to make this even scarier is that anytime youngsters consume alcohol, they typically drink to excess, in many instances consuming 5 if not more alcoholic beverages at a time.

Aside from that, research is suggesting that consuming alcohol gets started in kids at younger and younger age groups. The common age of the first intake of alcoholic beverages in ’03 had been fourteen. That’s a stark contrast to 1965, when the average age had been 17. Also, children who started drinking prior to age 15 may be four times more prone to experience alcohol dependence at some stage in their lifetimes.

Moreover, underage drinking contributes to some other high-risk actions, for example abusing harmful narcotics such as cocaine and marijuana, and taking part in high-risk sexual behaviors. A lot of these youngsters are, in addition, more likely to earn low marks (D’s and F’s) in school.

Exactly why do Young children Drink Alcohol?

Progressing from childhood to young adulthood is a hugely dramatic occasion for many people. As boys and girls begin to encounter bodily, psychological and societal transformations, several use alcoholic beverages for an assortment of motives.

Thrill Seeking:

Certain young people may possibly experiment using alcoholic beverages as a way to fill a wish for thrill seeking. Frequently, teenagers will hunt down different methods to discover risk and exhilaration in their life irrespective of the results. This will oftentimes express through excessive drinking.


A number of youngsters cultivate expectations that alcohol consumption will provide an enjoyable feeling for them plus a potential to become more at ease and sociable while drunk. This leads to alcohol abuse as a retreat from any type of upsetting emotions and can radically fuel misuse of this substance.

Environmental Variables:

Any sway of parents and peers plays a crucial role with regard to alcohol use in youngsters. Children and teenagers that have friends who drink alcohol are more likely to drink. Youngsters who grow up in homes where alcohol consumption is abused and seen in a good light could be more likely to drink. Girls who go out with older boys who consume alcohol will also be more prone to try out alcohol.

Health and Wellness Impacts Associated with Underage Alcohol Consumption

Researchers are presently looking into exactly how subtle alterations in the brain resulting from underage alcohol consumption may possibly produce long term difficulty with cognitive abilities and the ability to remember. Examinations performed on animals have indicated long lasting impairment whenever supplied alcohol during an early age. However, not enough research has not been completed in human beings to make a official diagnosis.

Young people that drink have demonstrated increased liver enzymes. The appearance of these enzymes signifies liver damage to some degree.

Drinking alcohol during puberty may very well affect hormone growth. This can impact the growth of bones, organs and muscles, as well as the development of the reproductive system.

Ending Adolescent Drinking

Narconon Drug Education operates an international campaign aimed towards supporting kids to make correct judgments concerning the use of alcohol along with other harmful drugs. Narconon Drug Education Counselors have realized that whenever children are supplied the actual information about how drugs and alcohol have an effect on an individual as well as the dangers they cause, they’re much more likely to avoid these hazardous substances.

Alongside drug education programs from Narconon Alcohol Rehabilitation, there are various social and government organizations dedicated to harm reduction for underage drinking and narcotics use. At the same time, being responsible for your sons or daughters and their knowledge of the risks posed by alcohol can certainly create a huge difference. Mothers and fathers must start a discussion with their children about substance abuse based upon honesty and trust. This can be the single most effective strategy for overcoming the hazards posed by drug and alcohol abuse. At Narconon Drug and Alcohol Treatment, we believe that by cooperating for the benefit of younger generations, we shall start to establish a world free of alcohol and drug addiction.

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