Narconon Vista Bay Rehab’s Approach to Drug Treatment

The program at Narconon Vista Bay contrasts from the 12-step or recovery choices generally offered to those in the grips of an addiction.

At Narconon Vista Bay rehab, our certified staff teaches that addiction is not a long-lasting illness that one has to succumb to forever. We have confidence that with an in-depth physical detox and appropriate addiction and life skills education one can totally recover from an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

At Narconon drug treatment centers, the detox program consists of intense dry sauna sessions, exercise, and vitamin therapy and nutrition. It sounds drastic, but as anybody who has undergone the treatment will attest that it works. The idea behind this detoxification method is simple: Each time a person takes a drug or uses alcohol, remainders from that chemical are left behind in the person’s body which accumulate. These deposits lodge themselves into muscle and fatty tissue. Years later they can be released into the bloodstream again causing cravings that the person worked so hard to abolish. Relapses happen, sometimes years after the person has last used drugs or alcohol. Once the chemical residuals are removed from the person’s body and his physical cravings are gone, he can learn and fully apply our life skills with a clear mind and clean body. With these life skills fully understood, there is no circumstance in his life that he cannot confront and deal with.

Narconon drug rehabilitation has a superb success rate and continues to help people fully recover from drug and alcohol addiction every day. Narconon Vista Bay will help you get your life back!

Narconon Vista Bay is a drug rehab center with facilities throughout Northern California. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, contact one of our Intake Counselors today!

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