New Drug Addiction Treatment Option: Rapid Detox

Narconon rehab has witnessed that for drug addicts, quitting is often a goal but it doesn’t always become a reality unless they go to treatment. Addiction can have a tight grip on a person, and weaning oneself off of drugs is not an easy task.

One of the reasons it is so hard to conquer a drug addiction is because most drugs — especially prescription drugs — come with extreme withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that a person trying to overcome his or her addiction usually ends up going back to the drug just to get rid of the feelings of withdrawal.

Researchers have noticed that withdrawal symptoms are often a reason that drug abusers cannot kick their addictions, and they have discovered a process which might help addicts recover in a less painful way.

This method, known as the Waismann Method of rapid detoxification, sedates the patient during the hardest part of drug addiction rehabilitation when the withdrawal symptoms are the strongest. During this time, the toxins in the drugs are able to leave the body, and when the patient wakes up, he will feel much better and will be able to conquer the emotional trials of addiction recovery.

This rapid detoxification process has proven to be particularly successful with prescription drug addicts. It is easy to become addicted to prescription drugs because they are often prescribed for a legitimate medical reason, such as to help with surgery recovery or deal with chronic pain.

The drugs are intended to be used for a short period of time, but the addiction can happen so suddenly that patients find it hard to stop taking the medications. Since slowly stopping these medications is so difficult, the rapid detox method is extremely helpful to those who are addicted to prescription drugs.

Another benefit of rapid detoxification is that it is a time saver for those who are hoping to avoid the weeks and months that can accompany a traditional drug rehabilitation program. At the same time, while rapid detox is quicker than rehab, it is still a more gradual process than quitting drugs cold turkey. This makes it a happy medium for people who are addicted to prescription drugs, and it has proven to be a successful choice for many.

However, rapid detoxification is not the best option for every drug addict. Those who have tried rapid detox but are still struggling with their addiction may want to try another form of treatment. For instance, they could try Narconon drug rehab centers in order to take a drug-free approach to conquering addiction. No matter which method you decide is best for you, the important thing is that you have recognized that addiction is a problem, and you are finding solutions that will best fit you and your lifestyle.

Drug addiction not only affects the addict; it affects all of his or her loved ones as well. For the sake of yourself and your loved ones, explore your addiction treatment options.

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