New Zohydro Super Painkiller Causing Concern Across Country

According to an article from the New York Daily News a new prescription painkiller is about to be released that is being called the next Oxy Contin. This is not only for pain relief reasons but for the addictive potential of the drug. The pain pill, called Zohydro, is raising concerns among many groups and is being said to be the most addictive drug to be released yet and it hasn’t even hit the shelves.

The drug released by the pharmaceutical company, Zogenix was set to hit the shelves in early 2012 and is chemically set up like hydrocodone, by ten times stronger even though it is being marketed as a safer alternative.

Zohydro Oxy Contin & Hydrocodone

As Zohydro is now in testing for approval and use, not much abuse information is available on the drug. Some side effects reported with testing of the drug include urinary tract infections, constipation and nausea. The pharmaceutical company is hoping to pull from some of the 131 million prescriptions that are filled for hydrocodone as the drug is similar in many ways, except for the fact that it is a stronger, more intense prescription.

As compared to Oxy Contin, Zohydro is very similar. Oxy Contin is one of the strongest painkillers prescribed for severe pain such as major injuries, cancer, and arthritis. It is available in between 10mg and 80mg pills. Most of these pills are extended release.

However many are taking off the releases, taking the pills orally, crushing up and snorting them or even injecting the drugs.

According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, over 1 million United States residents have abused Oxy Contin. The drug is very physically addictive, causing users to develop a tolerance where they have to take more Oxy Contin for the same effect. Oxy Contin also causes major withdrawal symptoms with users which include “flu like symptoms” like muscle aches, bone aches, insomnia, diarrhea, throwing up and hot and cold flashes. Another withdrawal effect reported is lower back pain.

Hydrocodone is the other prescription drug being compared to Zohydro. The pain pill is the most prescribed of its kind and the drug that is the most abused. After someone takes hydrocodone their pupils will become constricted or small. Some call them pin-point pupils.

They will also have clammy skin and slowed or delayed breathing. If too much of the drug is taken a person can go unconsciousness or even die. Some health problems associated with hydrocodone are liver problems, kidney problems, brain damage and other bodily harm from slowing down the system. The drug is most often taken orally, though some will crush it up and snort it or inject hydrocodone. In a four year time period the drug was responsible for 80,000 poisoning’s and over 2,400 deaths. At least 100,00 incidents of abuse of the drug have occurred in less than a year.

Why There Is A Prescription Problem

Looking at many possible reasons one primary reason for the out of control prescription problem have to do with the amount of prescriptions written each year for pain pills. National statistrics indicate that pain pill prescriptions went from 75 million to 200 million in one year. Over 5 million Americans are using pain drugs non-medially during a one year period and the overall number of abused prescriptions is at 10 million including pain pills, stimulants and depressants.

Narconon Schools Warn About Painkiller Abuse

The abuse of prescriptions is one covered through Narconon schools with their drug prevention program. The organization has been educating groups all over the country on this growing epidemic. Other organizations including NA and other drug rehabilitation, prevention and enforcement groups have also put out the message about prescriptions.

There are “Take Back” events to education those on how to properly dispose of prescriptions.

For more information on Narconon schools call 800-874-3197.

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