Not All Drug Tests are Created Equal

Narconon rehab has found that many parents concerned that their children are engaged in the use of illegal drugs or alcohol, purchase home drug testing kits. These kits are useful in some situations, and they may be especially effective as a deterrent to prevent teens from using drugs. However, home drug testing isn’t always a good choice.

One of the primary problems with using store-bought drug testing kits is the fact that there are so many to choose from, not to mention the wide variety of differences in how they work. Most home drug testing kits won’t test for every possible drug, and they may cause a false positive reading if your child is taking a drug that the test is unable to detect.

Home drug testing kits also tend to produce a large number of false positive results. These results can occur if your child is currently taking an antibiotic medication or even if they are eating foods that contain poppy seeds.

Choosing a home drug testing kit that works depends on your understanding of what type of test you need and what kinds of drugs you suspect your child is using. Home drug testing kits often test for opiate drugs such as heroin or opioids like oxycodone, or THC from Marijuana dispensaries, but a single test typically won’t check for all of them at once.

In addition, certain types of medications that are prescribed legally and even LSD are not detected by home drug testing kits. However, if you are reasonably certain that your child is using a particular drug, you may be able to find a specific home drug testing kit that is accurate and effective.

Using any drug test requires certain procedures that ensure the result is accurate. Most parents probably don’t have the education or understanding to properly administer a drug test, which can lead to a misleading result. In contrast, drug testing performed in a laboratory setting is administered by trained professionals who know how to correctly interpret the test results.

Laboratory drug tests also tend to be more accurate that store-bought test kits in identifying infrequent or occasional drug use. This is because laboratory testing tends to be more sensitive to small amounts of drugs that remain in your child’s system with infrequent use.

Another problem to keep in mind, warns Narconon schools, is that kids are resourceful in using the Internet to find ways to skew the results of a home test. These methods, which range from drinking significant amounts of water to using certain supplements, often fool home drug testing kits but are less likely to influence a laboratory drug test.

Furthermore, parents may not be familiar with commonly used techniques to tamper with a test specimen, which can also produce a false negative result. A laboratory professional, on the other hand, will automatically reject any specimen that is suspected of tampering.

If you suspect that your child is using either drugs or alcohol, addressing, rather than ignoring, the situation is the crucial first step to prevent adverse consequences or a tragedy. If you choose to try a home drug testing kit, discuss the results with a qualified professional.

Together, you can determine the most appropriate next step. Specialized rehabilitation services such as Narconon meetings can help both you and your child return to a productive life without drugs or alcohol. Teens and their families speak volumes about the importance and effectiveness of this program.

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