Vaportini Causing Concerns With Medical Professionals

Alcohol has become a huge part of our society. Some people consume it every day, some just at parties and social gatherings. Some of us have started drinking alcohol so much that our bodies have started to form a dependency and others can barely drink at all before experiencing large effects.  But there is a new way of getting your alcohol fix and some doctors are arguing that while it may seem like a modern way of having a little fun it can hold dangers that are yet unknown.

Vaportini is essentially used by people to get alcohol into their systems without drinking it. The way that it works is by heating up the alcohol and the user then inhales the vapors. Alcohol then enters into the blood stream directly. Creating a different experience with the alcohol.

Doctors have yet to find out how this will effect a person physically or mentally. Because of this many people are wary of experimenting with this new device.

Common health problems of people who drink alcohol the “old fashioned way” are as follows:

Cardiovascular Disease
Liver Failure
High Blood Pressure
Nerve Damage

Common mental problems associated with drinking alcohol:

Alcohol is promoted all throughout our society. It’s become more and more acceptable to abuse it and the results in our society are becoming very prevalent. Adults and children are both experiencing the downward slope of life that can be connected with alcohol abuse.  People have difficulty holding a job, keeping a relationship and with social circumstances. Because of this fact alcohol abuse should not be taken lightly.

Teens And Alcohol

Kids as young as 12 are being exposed to alcohol by their friends in school. Some have reported sneaking alcohol from their parent’s house and bringing it to school in water bottles. These kids will probably not have a successful life.

But these difficulties can be avoided. If they are educated properly on what alcohol is and how it effects a person both physically and mentally then they will become their own adviser and ensure that they use it appropriately and responsibly. Once a person understands how something can and will effect them they are less likely to go the effect of it. Because alcohol is promoted as safe and fun and something that everybody does it has quickly gotten out of control and become a problem in our society. But having the truth about alcohol will protect you and your children from ever having to experience the side effects associated with its abuse.


Alcohol not only is difficult to mentally stop using it also carries with it a physical dependency. In order to thoroughly solve your alcohol problem you will need to detoxify your body of its effects. This can be accomplished very efficiently by sweating the alcohol out of the fatty tissues that are storing it within the body. This detoxification program is the best way that a person can get ahead of their problem and start to recover thoroughly.

There are many trusted natural ways to heal and repair the body. These are the preferred methods available now since they don’t offer any other drugs, which can bring with them their own complications and future dependencies.

After the body has been detoxified and replenished with vitamins and minerals the person also needs to confront the issues which led to them drinking in the first place. Sometimes these life situations if left unaddressed can crop back up and cause the person to feel the need to abuse drugs or alcohol again. When choosing a facility to help you with your problems ensure that you find one which also offers life coaching to help prepare you for your transition and handle the situations that you feel are difficult to control.

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New Synthetic Drug Appears On Local Scene

Designer drugs come in many shapes and sizes and recently have been showing up more and more among schools and in our society in the club scenes. The newest one nick named Smiles is showing up more and more in the local scenes. A Designer drug is a drug that has been created by restructuring known drug compounds to form new ones that are not yet classified as illegal. The drug being of unknown origin and chemical make-up is then sold to people under a marketable name.

Smiles sounds like a harmless enough drug and it’s named and marketed that way intentional to get kids to be interested in trying it. It’s a potent drug that has similar effects to LSD. But with unknown compounds it is difficult for you or even doctors to know how it’s going to effect you. So even just deciding to try it once may be a deadly mistake. Reports have come in stating that the drug causes hallucinations, rapid heart beat, and psychotic episodes.

Even low scale backyard drug makers are proving capable of making this new chemical compound and as a result it’s showing up on club scenes and in schools.

Teens nowadays have been more willing to try drugs and less willing to ask questions. Their friends tell them they will have fun and look cool if they do it and they usually will fall for it and decide to try it out. If some one were to give you the truth about the same drug and say, trying this drug will give you strange hallucinations, some of which may be interesting to look at and some of which you may not be able to tolerate and could send you into a psychotic episode. And you may also never snap out of it and you could possibly die if your body has a negative reaction to the drug. I think less people would be willing to try that drug, even if they were underage or even uneducated. But very rarely do people pushing the use of drugs on you give you a true picture of what you are about to get yourself into. Usually these people do not know the truth about drugs themselves and honestly don’t know what they are giving you or what the result could be.

Because of this it is now becoming more and more important to educate children at a young age before some one else about drugs approaches them. Giving them the true data early on protects them from ever getting mixed up in the drug in the first place.
Users effected by this new drug have reported hallucinations of both an auditory and visual nature as well as heightened emotional responses. There have been reports of heart attacks, strokes, psychotic episodes, and suicides. All number of things that make the idea of “experimenting” with this or other deadly compounds an obviously bad and uneducated choice.

How Educate Kids To Prevent Addiction

The best way to get your child to listen to you about drugs is to approach them at a level that is real to them. First let them know that you aren’t going to be mad at them and that you really just want to talk about drugs because you know that in our world today most kids will come in contact with them at some time or another. Let them know that you want to help them be prepared and have enough information to make their own decision on the subject. Giving them the power to look and decide for themselves will open them up to listening and they will be less likely to push you away and not listen to what you are saying.

Make sure that when you approach them you have reliable data on drugs to offer them. There are many drug rehabilitation facilities that offer information for people to use in order to accurately educate people on the different drugs available today and the side effects that can be experienced.

These side effects not only include physical things but also mental side effects and other effects that people rarely consider, like loss of family, economic problems and long term disabilities.

One On One Is Best

The best way to approach some one about a sensitive topic is on a one on one basis. Talking to a group of people is much harder. You have multiple opinions to handle as well as the fact that you are up against the socially acceptable responses as opposed to people’s real feelings. In a one on one setting you can take the time to get across to the person and really make sure that you both understand each other.

There is a certain care factor that goes along with really helping some one. You have to be able to care enough to make sure that they understand what you are trying to tell them and really get why it’s important. People often brush sensitive topics under the rug and then later discover that it’s too late to do something about them.

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Vista Bay Looks At App Created To Show Side Effects Of Alcohol Abuse Over 10 Years

For many people in the United States, most days feature some type of routine consumption of alcohol. Whether it is a glass of wine with dinner or while reading before bed, a bottle of beer while watching TV, or some other type of drink, a large percentage of Americans drink on a regular basis. In fact, a 2012 Gallup poll revealed that the average adult in this country consumes 4.2 drinks per week, a figure which is up slightly over the previous year. Most of these people are not alcoholics, and when they do drink their purpose is not to get drunk. It is merely a habit or a means to relax after a long day at work, or perhaps it is simply part of a social routine. Some are even following advice they have heard on television regarding the purported health benefits of drinking moderate amounts of red wine. Indeed, even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers that regular drinking may still be considered to be “moderate” provided that it consists of no more than one drink per day for women or two drinks per day for men. Most of the common concerns raised over alcohol consumption focus on binge drinkers and alcoholics, but what about the long term effects of even moderate drinking?

An effort to provide a compelling answer to this question has been made by the government of Scotland. They are engaged in a broad campaign to urge citizens to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume, given that that country suffers from a high rate of liver disease and alcohol related deaths. The solution: developing a “drinking mirror” app which artificially ages the visage of the user and imposes the effects that can be expected with regular drinking. Available either as a smartphone app or through a computer web browser, it requires the user to upload a headshot and to input the number of drinks consumed every week. The result is often disturbing, with flushed red cheeks, deeper wrinkles, added pounds and other undesirable changes. It is obviously impossible for the app to be 100 percent scientifically accurate, given that it cannot take into account such factors as diet, exercise, stress and even genes. It does, however, offer a gross estimate of the effects of regular drinking and serves as an ominous warning to those who do drink habitually.

Who is the drinking mirror best for?

According to Vista Bay while the new app does have the effect of demonstrating to a person what damage alcohol may cause to their physical appearance, an even more important purpose is to help wake people up to the dangers associated with alcohol abuse. For example, regular drinking can seriously tax the liver, as it is given little chance to recover from the previous night’s efforts at detoxifying the body. The eventual result is cirrhosis, a condition of scarring of the liver which can be fatal. In addition, it may help casual drinkers to put down the bottle before they move from drinking as a habit to doing so out of a dependence on alcohol. For those who already have become alcoholics, the app may actually be one of the most effective ways of penetrating through the layers of justification and defensive arguments. Alcoholics and other addicts are routinely assailed by their friends with pleas to give up the drinking or drug abuse because of the dire health risks and other dangers they expose themselves to.

It is easy to shrug off these warnings of catastrophe with an It’ll Never Happen to Me attitude. Faced with a simple and almost inevitable fact that continued heavy drinking will most likely ravage their physical appearance, they might feel a new motivation to quit drinking. After all, there is a good chance that the person has already noticed such changes, and seeing the projection in the app could easily serve to magnify existing concerns and create a level of necessity sufficient to overcome the addiction.

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Use Low In Drug Take Back Programs

If you look inside the medicine cabinets in the bathrooms of most American households, you can expect to find one or more bottles of drugs. Many of them may be in current use by the owner, while others might be there as a back up, just in case the individual has a flare-up of pain or other symptoms. Some might even be left over from a prescription for an acute illness or injury from years ago, and are now sitting on the shelf all but forgotten.

Many of these drugs are over-the-counter medications which can be purchased at any pharmacy in the country, while others may be tightly regulated drugs which are only available with a doctor’s prescription. One of the reasons that these drugs have a tendency to accumulate in homes across the United States has to do with the fact that it is not safe to simply toss them out in the garbage.

This is particularly true of potentially addictive prescription medications such as painkillers and stimulants, or of the psychotropic antidepressant drugs which have become so common in this country. Law enforcement agencies from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) down to local police departments in small towns are working to help people remove these drugs from the community by putting on drug drop-off programs which provide a safe and legal way to dispose of them.

One such program was recently profiled in the Stevens Point Journal in Wisconsin, the local newspaper for a small town in the center of the state. In addition to biannual drop-off days, the local police department maintains a 30 gallon barrel in front of the dispatch station, which they say is filled with drugs twice every week. This is in addition to the police station in the neighboring town of Plover, where a drum approximately half that size is filled on a weekly basis. All told, the Portage County Sheriff reports collecting 500 pounds of drugs every year, while statewide the collection totals reached 93,500 pounds in 2011. The local police describe the program as being heavily utilized by residents, but in the larger picture this perception may not be accurate. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently conducted a study which found that there were an estimated 118.8 million prescriptions sold throughout the state in 2011, which amounts to a staggering 13.1 million pounds. Of the 4.4 million pounds of drugs that were estimated to have been left unused, the amount collected amounts to only 2 percent.

Why worry about throwing out prescription drugs?

The importance of safely disposing of prescription drugs would be difficult to overstate. First, it safeguards you against any risk of abuse. Even if this is not a concern for you, it is also vital to keep the drugs out of the reach of children, grandchildren and other relatives who, if they are interested in using drugs, typically know to look in the medicine cabinet of a parent or grandparent. Even more dramatically, clearing drugs out of your home reduces the liability of a break-in by an addict who is looking for the next fix.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention states that the U.S. is currently in the grips of a prescription drug abuse epidemic, and painkillers cause more deaths nationwide now than heroin, cocaine and morphine combined. According to the Portage County Sheriff, painkillers are now a greater problem locally than marijuana and cocaine. If your local police already provide a drop-off program, take advantage of the opportunity. If they don’t, urge them to start one as a way to cut down the rate of prescription drug abuse in your community. Most importantly, encourage your friends and family members to follow your example.

If you know someone who needs immediate assistance to handle an addiction get help from Narconon Vista Bay Watsonville.


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Why Teen Marijuana Use Is A Serious Issue

When marijuana first became popular it was in a pretty pure form. It came from a plant and you knew what to expect when you smoked it. People started getting high in order to escape reality and create a more surreal world for themselves. Teens now are starting to search this out at a younger and younger age. But the drugs that are available to them are much different and have much different effects than those of the past. Marijuana especially, which has always maintained a pretty mild view in most people’s eyes has now become altered, added with other chemicals and is no longer the mild drug that most people think it is

These marijuana mixtures res are much more dangerous then the regular cannabis known to most of us. These synthetic mixtures can produce long-term psychological problems as well as carry an increased risk of physical problems. Most teens who decide to use these drugs don’t know of the increased risks and problems associated with these new combinations and synthetic forms of marijuana and can often find themselves in trouble quick.

Physical problems that go along with synthetic drugs can include:
-    Tremors
-    Seizures
-    Rapid heart rate
-    Dizziness
-    Depression
-    High blood pressure
-    Blurred vision
-    Anxiety
-    Paranoia
-    Hallucinations

Complications over a longer period may include:

-    Memory loss
-    Psychosis
-    Cancer
-    Heart Failure

Doctors and hospitals have reported seeing more and more violent reactions associated with these new forms of drugs and unfortunately most of the presenting patients are younger than twenty. Teens in schools are reporting being offered these drugs at parties and in social circles. They are told by their friends how cool they are and that they will have fun if they take them but what they are not told or warned of are the dangers and the devastating results that will happen in their lives after they become addicted to the drug.

Law makers have started trying to crack down on the availability of these drugs by regulating the ingredients and making it more difficult to import them into the US. But this hasn’t completely stopped them from being able to change their compounds and reintroduce them into our country. Once they are no longer banned these substances can be sold on the internet or in stores without any consequences.

Some of these products have been known as Spice, K2, Blaze or Mr. Smiley. These names are supposed to appeal to a younger market and are quickly becoming commonly known amongst teens and young adults. Most teens alarmingly can tell you all about these drugs, what they are, where to get them and the stories of people who have used them.

What Can Be Done To Stop Teen Marijuana Use

Because of this it is becoming more and more important to give kids the truth about drugs and at an earlier age than most would expect. It’s been argued that kids should be sheltered from the data about drugs and most parents wait until their children are at least 16 to talk to them about the dangers associated with using. But most teens will tell you that this is too late and that their friends have already told them about most drugs at that age.

They’ve probably been told that it’s cool or that you have wild life changing experiences. They most likely have not been told that drugs cause brain damage, heart damage and can ruin your life. They most likely haven’t been shown what a person who overdoses on a drug looks like, or how simple it is to overdose because who knows how much of any drug is too much for the body to take?

While you may think that this kind of information is not going to help keep your child off of drugs it has been proven to work. Statistics show that kids who are fully educated with the true data about drugs, how they effect the body and the mind and what the peoples lives are like who choose to use, they no longer even think about trying them. They are now educated properly and can choose to stay away from something that they know fully, and for themselves to be harmful.

This is a much better defense against drugs than we have ever had before. Because with drugs being so readily available the only true way to stop them from being used is with the potential users themselves. And once we have kids who are educated the statistic will start to dwindle in size and the effects will trickle down through the generations.

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Those Mixed Up With Drugs Often Contribute To Elevated Crime Rate

Drugs affect people’s lives in many ways. People become dependent on drugs and start to do things in their lives and make decisions that they would otherwise not make. Most people who get involved with crime, whether it is petty theft or major criminal actions are also usually involved with drugs. The drugs are the influence, which is fueling the criminal aspects.

To get money to feed their addiction to drugs people will steal, sell drugs to others, or get involved with others criminal endeavors. The list of trouble that a person can get into because of the effects of drugs is endless. Even young children have been reported to be mixed up with drugs and crime as a result of them.

Many young adults after getting mixed up with drugs have found their lives going down a destructive path filled with many uncontrollable twists and turns. This kind of lifestyle can quickly lead to time in jail.

The factors involved in growing up these days can be difficult to confront and handle. Kids face so many difficult situations and unfortunately drugs are at the forefront of these problems.

Other Problems Caused By Drugs

Not only can crime become a factor for some one who uses drugs but there is also a whole other list of problems as well.

Things such as:

Problems in school
Fights with friends
Inability to hold a job
Relationship difficulties

Many kids have problems with drugs and crime because of a lack of basic moral and ethical stability. Kids these days are lacking in many of the areas which used to be taught both in the home and at school.

Even simple things such as etiquette have stopped being taught, causing kids to have very little structure and be more prone to getting into trouble. Drug use is a very important topic these days. Drugs are in schools and in the workplace and part of some people’s daily lives.

Not only does this effect most of us on a personal level but on a state level drugs and crime cost our society billions.

Education and Prevention

One of the most effective ways found to prevent drug abuse in people, including children is to educate them as to the truth about drugs. Once a person knows the true effects of drugs and what they can expect their lives to be like after they start abusing them then they can truly become effective at preventing themselves from having a problem.


If you find that you do need a solution to drugs and alcohol take your time to do your research and find a trusted facility that uses natural methods of detoxification and rehabilitation. Many facilities use other drugs in their methods and these you want to stay away from since the drugs they use, such as methadone are just as addictive as the ones the person is already abusing.

Natural methods are now the best and most trusted way of getting a person off of drugs. Facilities which use vitamins and minerals as well as natural foods to help the body release the effects of drugs and heal the damage created. This method also works to get the person quickly back to their normal life and with no dependencies of any kind.

Taking the steps to help some one get off of drugs can be difficult and trying. But if you consider what can happen if you just leave them to their own defenses and don’t help then it is an easy choice to make. Some people will tell you that they don’t want the help or that they would prefer you to stay out of their business, but still attempting and making an effort at the help can go a long way to helping some one live a happier life.

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Prescription Opioid Abuse In Elderly Urgent Concern

We know that young people are prone to drug abuse but many of us wouldn’t guess that the elderly are also prone to problems with drug abuse. New studies show that 20% of people aged 65 and older are taking pain medications. Painkillers are one of the most highly abused drugs.

A person taking painkillers can quickly become dependent on them. The body and mind, feeling relief from the pain will quickly relate the two things and this will make the person feel that they need the drug to be able to live. Even once the pain is gone the person may not be able to take himself or herself away from the medication.

Another part of the problem with taking one medication becomes the need and dependency on another. Sometimes people taking medication for pain will then be prescribed a second or third medication for another purpose such as depression or dysthymia.

Side Effects And Problems With Painkillers

These medications combined are no safer than they are alone. The elderly are at a high risk for complications from taking and combining these.

A person taking prescription painkillers can expect to experience side effects such as:

Dry mouth

Studies and surveys show that people of different age groups and from different eras are going to have different ideas and approaches to the idea of using drugs to treat their problems. People born after the war have definitely shown more of an open mind to using these drugs to help them through life.

If a person becomes dependent on these drugs and starts to abuse them there are certain warning signs that one can look for.

If they are complaining of chronic pain more and more frequently you may suspect that the person is exaggerating their problem in order to justify needing a higher and higher dose.

They frequent different physicians. The person may try to cover up the fact that they are acquiring different prescriptions from different doctors. If you notice that your friend or family frequently is searching out a new doctor for the prescriptions this could be a sign.

Sometimes a person claiming that their prescription has been lost or stolen frequently. This could be a warning that the person is overusing their prescription and trying to get refills more quickly.

Doctors have been trying to come up with methods of regulating prescription medications for elderly to ensure that they are not contributing to the problem. Giving out smaller doses and requiring that they check in frequently to let them know how they are doing. Sometimes physicians can find it difficult to catch warning signs of the elderly because they appear to be symptoms of aging and not of abuse.

Natural Therapies

If someone if opposed to using medications to treat their illness and are interested in finding out more about natural treatments and cures there is definitely a lot of information out there and it can seem overwhelming and confusing. The simple way to sort through it all is to choose a trusted source that has gotten results. Research if their information and see if it matches other trusted sources.

There are many successful ways to deal with pain that even the elderly can apply. They are not complicated and have no side effects connected with them. When you compare these to the quick and easy methods of medicating you will start to see that there is enough evidence to support the natural therapies and that a person, especially an elderly person would be smart to give these a chance before turning to another option.

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According To Doctors Painkiller Abuse Growing Worse

Doctors are becoming more and more aware of the increasing risk of prescribing pain medications to their patients. The risk of people becoming addicted to these painkillers is so high that it has been argued as being unethical to prescribe them. However while it remains a questionable decision in the eyes of some doctors, many are still prescribing them for situations, which could be cured in other ways.

Simple diet and exercise programs go a long way to heal the body and counteract the effects of pain. But many people in this day and age would rather have the faster, easier solution of popping a pill, than having to talk a walk every day.

But at what cost are they choosing this option? Once a person is addicted to pain medications they can expect to experience all sorts of problems both physically and mentally.

Problems associated with Painkillers can include:

Recurring headaches
Muscle pain
Bone pain

All of these things side effects as you can see could make you think that you need to take more of the drug or perhaps another drug, but in fact they are just that, a side effect of the painkiller.

Some people who have become addicted to painkillers have also experienced overdose and death from using them too frequently. This problem has also raised the awareness of some doctors in their decision to prescribe the medication at all. At the very least some have taken to prescribing the drugs only and if another safer and more natural method has failed.

Physical Exercise Is Key To Recovery

Many people today don’t give their bodies the time and attention needed to stay healthy. If you think about genetically where the body has been and what its capable of and then look at the lives that most of us lead you can see that there is a big difference in the way we live and how much the body gets used. Your body will actually start to feel better, be stronger and experience less pain the more you use it.

Even a simple exercise program including a 30-minute walk has been reported to make big difference in a patients complaints. So you can see the dilemma of doctors being asked by patients to help relieve their pain with drugs when they know that a few changes in the person’s lifestyle could handle the problems completely.

Diet Is Another Component

Another influence that is sometimes overlooked is a persons diet. Many bodies are becoming sensitive to processed foods and things, which were not causing a problem in the past, are now contributing significantly to people health. Our crops are now being sprayed with pesticides stronger than those used in the past. Other foods are being combined with ingredients that the body has no use for and has to store in the fatty tissues. All of this can add up to pain.

Eliminating the majority of processed foods from the diet and putting a person on a healthy regiment of fruits, vegetables and proteins has proven time and time again to not only make a person feel significantly better but has also been shown to completely eliminate some health problems.

When you look over how simple some of these solutions are and how a few changes in your life could completely remove the need to take medications you start to realize that it’s worth doing. Your health and happiness influence the rest of your life and your family members in so many ways that spending a couple of hours a week for yourself and your health is really an easy decision to make.

For more information on this topic or to find a Narconon facility in Hawaii or across the US contact us today.


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Narconon Vista Bay Reports That Drug Abuse Could Strike Any Family

The vast majority of parents are motivated by a sincere and often overwhelming desire to provide the best for their children. Parents will devote enormous amounts of time, attention and money to helping their children enjoy the highest possible standard of living and to reach their full potential in life. One thing that can easily undermine all your efforts as a parent, however, is the ever present threat that your child will start using drugs.

Whether it is a casual habit of smoking marijuana or if it turns into a hardcore addiction to methamphetamine, drugs could easily derail all your child’s life goals. One of the worst things about this is the fact that drug abuse can start in an instant and without any warning.

Despite your best efforts, it is difficult or even impossible to control what happens to your children the moment they leave the home. You may think that they are safe at school, but on the contrary this is one of the most common places for kids to become exposed to drugs.

You hope that they will make rational and responsible decisions when they are offered drugs by a friend or acquaintance, but it is impossible to accurately predict what they will do in every situation. What happens when your child is handed a joint after all his or her friends in a group have already taken a puff? What if someone your child is anxious to impress is also using drugs? Do you really know everyone who your children are spending time with, who they look up to and who they want to be like? It’s easy to count on public service messages that tell your children to “Just Say No” to drugs, but are you certain that your children have been equipped with the certainty, the confidence and the life skills to actually follow through on this message when the moment comes?

Drug Abuse Can Start in an Instant

It only take one single moment for a person to start using drugs. Maybe there was a long series of events that lead the person to that moment, but it is the decision at that point in time to say Yes or No that can easily determine whether the person will be a success or a failure in life. Once a teenager starts using drugs for the first time, it suddenly becomes far easier to do so a second time–he or she has already crossed the line. Adding to this is the fact that many drugs are so habit forming that they can cause the user to become addicted in no time at all. This is especially true of the opiate painkillers which have become so commonly prescribed and abused in the United States. Whether the child is offered marijuana at a party or if he or she tries a parent’s pain medications at home, a momentary indiscretion can easily turn into an addiction that changes every aspect of life.

“My Child Would Never Do That”

This assumption is probably the greatest barrier that prevents parents from effectively helping their kids stay away from drugs. Remember: the vast majority of parents whose children have started using drugs thought exactly the same thing. Drug abuse is something that happens to other people’s children, or maybe it’s something you only hear about on TV. The fact is that anyone’s children can make the mistake of taking drugs, and it could happen to your children. Don’t wait to find out whether or not you have assumed correctly.

Take the time now to explain to your children in detail exactly why drugs are bad. Discuss the physical effects of drugs, how they work on the body of the user and the damage they can cause. Talk about how a drug addiction can affect personal relationships, social reputation and career. Make it clear that people in your family don’t do drugs–and be sure to live up to this standard yourself. Finally, communicate that it is okay to talk to you about drugs. Make it safe to talk to you if they are feeling pressured by friends. Tell them that you know that mistakes happen, and if they do try drugs it is better to tell you about it than to keep it a secret. Offer your help. Drug abuse can happen to any family, but it is less likely to happen to yours if you establish and maintain a strong and trusting relationship with your children.

Call Narconon Vista Bay now for more information on this topic or to get someone help.


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Early Life Strokes Could Be Tied to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Stroke, a life-threatening medical emergency which occurs with a sudden decrease in brain function due to loss of cerebral blood supply, is normally associated with elderly people. It’s just not something that young adults and middle aged people typically worry about, and with good cause. As an example of this, consider a 2007 study which found that fewer than 5 percent of stroke victims were between the ages of 18 and 44. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that stroke is the number one cause of serious long-term disability and that nearly 800,000 people suffer strokes on a yearly basis in the United States. The vast majority of these people are senior citizens. A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Cincinnati and published in the medical journal

Stroke has demonstrated, however, that younger adults are more likely to suffer this life-changing and potentially debilitating or fatal event if they have a history of heavy drinking or drug abuse. The results of this study should serve as yet another warning for people of all ages to avoid drugs and heavy drinking.

Examining the Data

The study involved an exhaustive examination of the medical records for more than a thousand patients in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, all of whom had suffered a stroke before the age of 55 years. The researchers looked at the patients’ charts for blood or urine tests and other documentation that would indicate possible chemical substance abuse. They found that more than half of the younger adult stroke victims were current smokers, one in five of them abused illegal drugs and more than one out of ten had used drugs or alcohol within the last 24 hours before the stroke.

Even these figures might not demonstrate just how common chemical substance abuse was among the stroke victims: the researchers warned that not all of the patients had been given toxicology screening that would detect such abuse. Another trend they noticed was an apparent increase in the rates of smoking, heavy drinking and drug abuse among stroke patients between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s.

Stroke and Other Risks of Drugs and Alcohol

The study did not conclusively prove, however, that heavy drinking and drug abuse cause strokes, but it did demonstrate that there is a significant link, and it is one that is strong enough that those people who commonly engage in these behaviors should be even more concerned about doing so. The researchers acknowledged that the link may be a consequence of the likelihood that drinkers and drug users will also do other things that increase the risk of stroke. What is known, however, is that large amounts of alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine cause long-term changes in the heart, the arteries and even the blood, all of which may contribute to the chances of suffering a stroke.

Given these dangers, one has to wonder why anyone would take such great risks with his or her health. Not only do drinking and drug abuse make a stroke more likely, they also give rise to the probability that the individual will suffer injury or death from overdose or a motor vehicle accident caused by impaired driving. The answer lies partly in the fact that once a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be astonishingly difficult to stop.

Fortunately, there are proven non-drug based rehabilitation programs available which can help an addict get sober and clean by addressing both the emotional and physical aspects of addiction.

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