Rapid Detox Can Improve the Chances of Recovery from Drug Addiction

Nausea, vomiting, physical pain, shaking, terrifying nightmares. These are just some of the symptoms of withdrawal from drug addiction – and in many addicts, Narconon rehab counselors explain that these symptoms alone are enough to make them return to drug abuse in a matter of days. Withdrawal symptoms vary by drug, but one thing is certain: withdrawal is often the biggest hurdle to successful addiction recovery.

However, there is good news on this front. Researchers have developed a new method to help addicts get through the painful process of withdrawal. The Waismann Method of rapid detoxification reduces the severity of the worst symptoms of drug withdrawal, allowing patients to make strides in their rehabilitation with significantly less stress and trauma.

Patients undergoing the Waismann Method are sedated during the early days of their rehabilitation. This allows their bodies to get rid of the drug toxins, which cause most withdrawal symptoms. Once the chemicals have left the body, patients can resume their everyday life and treatment, focusing on the psychological aspects of recovery.

Researchers have found that the Waismann Method works best with those who abuse prescription painkillers as they speculate that opiate addiction stems from a disorder of the central nervous system, in which patients require elevated endorphin levels at all times.

Patients who receive painkillers after a surgery or medical treatment often find that reducing or stopping the drugs, even after a short time, causes withdrawal symptoms. A Narconon counselor says, “It’s easy to develop an addiction while trying to avoid these symptoms – and some users even turn to stronger, more dangerous drugs just to feel ‘normal.’”

The developers of the Waismann Method realized that detoxing patients from painkiller addiction requires maintaining their endorphin level from an external opiate supply; they compare this treatment to the nicotine patches or gum used by smokers to quit smoking.

Patients undergoing rapid detox, have their supply of endorphins gradually reduced, until they no longer require the drugs. This gradual approach helps patients avoid the most painful physical symptoms of withdrawal from drug abuse.

Rapid detox helps speed up the rehabilitation process, allowing addicts to accomplish in a matter of days what would traditionally take weeks or months. Sedating patients through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms followed by a gradual step-down approach to recovery slowly weans them off the drugs while allowing them to be at home with loved ones, doing the work of rebuilding their lives.

It should be noted, however, that the Waismann Method of rapid detox is not a miracle cure for drug addiction. It only addresses the physical symptoms of addiction, not the emotional and mental issues that often accompany it.

Patients who rely solely on rapid detox without undergoing intensive therapy often return to drug abuse and may become addicted to even more powerful drugs than before. A comprehensive drug treatment program such as Narconon and ongoing support is the only way to ensure a successful, lifelong Drug Abuse recovery.

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