Rehab for Alcoholics

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention over 50% of the population of the United States are alcohol users. Infrequent drinkers account for more than 13% of this and frequent drinkers, the remaining 37%. The use of alcohol causes many problems for frequent, binge and excessive drinkers.

Other than the costs and damages to society and others including over 15,000 liver disease deaths and more than 24,000 alcohol induced deaths, one main problem with excessive drinking is forming an addiction to alcohol. Once this occurs drinking becomes the central part of one’s life and the user will begin to alienate and neglect those around him all to get the next drink.

As the tolerance and withdrawal effects set in once the person is physical addicted they cannot recover without rehab for alcoholics.

Information About Alcoholism

There are certain specific characteristics that determine if a person is an alcoholic. One of them is the feeling that the individual has to drink even when the circumstance does not allow for it. This is the person who drinks at inappropriate times, showing up at family and work evens with beer on their breath. Or the individual who wakes up in the morning and starts to use alcohol as the sun comes up. In addition to this the person is unable to stop drinking once they have started. The will drink for days and hours on end; the days turn to weeks and they are so physically addicted to the substance that they cannot stop drinking alcohol.

Another indication that a person may be suffering with alcoholism is that they continue to drink despite health problems, personal problem and even legal difficulties. Pleas, demands and even consequences go ignored so that the person can continue to drink.

In addition to this the individual will plan his or her life around drinking. Friends will be others who like to drink and all events will be events where alcohol is supplied and use excessively.

If someone is exhibiting these symptoms it is very likely they are addicted to alcohol.

Components of Rehab for Alcoholics

There are several main parts of a rehab of alcoholics which would make the treatment successful and aid in lifelong recovery. They are as follows:

1.    That The Treatment Is Long Enough – According to the national Principles of Effective Treatment information a program should be long term for treating alcoholism. At least 90 days and up to a year to handle all the physical and mental behaviors and problems associated with the abuse of alcohol.

2.    That Medical Detox Is Available If Needed – Severe alcoholics undergo painful and sometimes life threatening withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit drinking. These can range from something as simple as a hangover to delirium tremens where a person shakes uncontrollably, insomnia and even seizures. Some alcohol addicts have to undergo a supervised medical detox program to safely come down off the alcohol. This usually last a few days to a few weeks and should then be followed up with long term treatment.

3.    That The Program Achieves A High Recovery Rate – The recovery or success rate of the treatment should be checked out as well as the type of treatment supplied. Long term holistic program such as Narconon achieve a 76% success rate. Narconon also offers a drug prevention program through Narconon schools to prevent alcoholism before it starts. There are also other private programs such as NA as well as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Narconon Schools & Rehab Resources

There are many resources for rehab for alcoholics as well as prevention with Narconon schools. For more information call Narconon Vista Bay today at 800-874-3197.

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