Rise In Drug Use Among Youth and Women

An analysis of the 25-and-under age group in Finland is leading social workers to say that drug use is growing rapidly amongst these young adults and teens. The growing addiction problem is especially prominent in the more metropolitan areas of Finland where young women specifically are observed more and more to be developing illegal substance abuse and dependency.

Helsinki’s Deaconess Institute has reported an increase in drug use among young girls. The program, developed to provide support to 16-29 year olds, reports an increase in drug use trends. Previously their clientele consisted struggling youth, about one quarter of which were female. This year that number has nearly doubled, alongside general climbing drug use statistics.

Why Drug Use Is Increasing

Some feel that young women are more prone to drug use than ever before, because most girls wish to stand out amongst their friends, be “cool” and gain attention. Drug abuse, however, quickly becomes habit-forming and many girls become ashamed or refuse to admit a dependency, making it difficult to treat (since they won’t admit a problem exists.)

Female drug abuse is also, in many cases, linked to sexual abuse. In some areas, girls as young as 14 and 15 years old have experienced people trying to buy or or forcefully obtain sex. Drugs are used in this situation to make it more tolerable or less painful mentally. In other instances, girls are forced to take drugs so they will not put up a struggle.

Illegal drug use amongst youth often will begin with alcohol and marijuana, and this has been the case for years. However, that journey is being seen to begin at an earlier age than ever. The use of cannabis has exploded amongst youth, and now that synthetic drugs and pharmaceuticals have entered the scene, the drug epidemic attacking our children and teens is like a runaway train.

Youth Drug Use

Our school systems, often over-filled and lacking proper teacher resources and funding, allow kids to pass through classes sometimes too easily. Students on drugs seen to be failing are passed with a low grade and graduated from high school despite an inability to rationalize or function due to substance abuse. These students often have low GPAs and educational histories insufficient to obtain further education, and so the drug use continues and worsens.

The US Department of Health and Human Services did a National Survey in 2009 and in its findings reported that more than 1.75 million people between the ages of 12 and 18 reported their first usage of illegal drugs in the past 12 months. This means nearly five thousand young people trying their first drug, every single day.

Drug and alcohol use in our young people and teens means for a long road ahead of us in the war on drugs. Declining grades lead to familial conflicts, issues with peers, premature health problems and, of course, increased potential for criminal behavior in later life. These likelihoods are frightening, but they are the actuality. Our youth are the future, and the future looks bleak so long as our childrens’ lives are compromised by drug and alcohol use.

According to Narconon news, the inpatient treatment facilities through Narconon have also seen an increase in female admissions and youth who need help. The trend is one that is difficult for parents to accept but is also something that must be addressed to help rehabilitate both youth and females with drug problems.

For more information through Narconon news or to help a woman or youth with a drug problem please contact us now.

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