Skills for Learning: the Narconon Drug Treatment Learning Improvement Course

The Narconon Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program is comprised of an important medication free withdrawal and a purifying sauna program, in addition to a combination of eight lifestyle improvement courses that help Students to master or perhaps re-learn several life capabilities crucial to leading prosperous, drug and alcohol free lives.

From Ground Zero

As soon as a student has carried out the withdrawal component of the program, learned to be comfortable without alcohol and drugs, and also has successfully completed the cleansing program, they really are ready to begin finding out the right way to learn. It is within the 3rd book, The Narconon Learning Improvement Course, where students are definitively taught how one can study and then apply the data they have learned, along with whatever they will continue to learn all through the rest of their lives.

What to Expect

The power of this series of the Narconon Drug Rehab Program is immeasurable. Often, the capability to skillfully take in important information, keep hold of it, and as a result put it to use, is actually a life skill a growing number of persons do not possess, especially those who have been operating for countless years, within a fog. If one doesn’t understand how to study something and understand it, just what good might this info do them? By facilitating students to build self-confidence along with their ability to learn, The Learning Improvement course works as base for how to effectively understand each new concept in life. This particular book conditions the student for the next five courses of the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program.

Getting Help

If you or a friend is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, you must seek treatment. The knowledgeable staff of Narconon Drug Rehab Centers is ready and able to assist you on your path toward a life free from addiction. Please call us toll free at 1-800-556-8885 to talk with a Registered Addiction Specialist.

Narconon Learning Improvement Course Success Story

“I had been incredibly closed minded going into this book so I was astonished at how much sense everything made. In the course, it is going over phenomenon’s that come about in the event you don’t comprehend what you’re learning about. I was able to greatly relate to the idea. There have been so many times previously where I might read through a page of a book, get right to the end of it, and have absolutely no idea what was said.

At this moment, I’ve got a plan for education and I never need to stress about blowing my time on a subject only to forget it after I take an exam. Things that I read and learn about at this point I will truly actually remember and utilize. I’ve got a resource for thoroughly knowing subjects, which would once baffle me. I don’t need to study something just so I will get good marks for a test; I study it in order to make use of it in my life!”

Narconon Learning Improvement Course Success Story

Today is my initial day reading Book 3. Considering the fact that I’m entering into this course with an open-mind and I am no longer behaving like I understand everything, it is actually making everything run a lot more smoothly. It is really surprising how even many of the most common words we say daily, a number of us do not really know the true meanings of. The next point I noticed is that this is difficult. While on drugs, if anything like this was told at me, as opposed to completing it or dealing with it, I would abuse substances to handle the scenario. It genuinely feels fantastic to work on something without alcohol or drugs. To be honest this makes me feel like I have been offered another chance at life.

I realize this will definitely make a difference with the rest of the books and having the capacity to study the life skills that Narconon can give. If I can master these types of life skills, I know I will stay clean, and I owe that all to Narconon Vista Bay!

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