Survey Says That Half Of Young Cigarette Smokers Also Smoke Marijuana

A survey was conducted that consisted of young adults aged 18 to 25, and the findings were that more than half of those who admitted to smoking cigarettes also admitted to smoking marijuana.  There have been similar surveys done on young adults for many years, but most of the research on record had indicated that only 35 percent of young people had used both within the past month.

Researchers often believed that the number was much higher than this based on general conversations with young adults. However the high numbers have caused concerns as a generally high percentage of people use both substances that are very dangerous to their health and physical well-being and cause major problems.

The Survey Information Broken Down

This study, finding that half of young cigarette smokers also smoke marijuana was very similar to many others that had come before it. This study, which was published in Addiction Science and Clinical, was done in two phases. First, the researchers asked the participants questions on their tobacco smoking habit. In the second stage, the researchers took 3,500 participants and asked them to anonymously answer a question asking if they had used marijuana in the past 30 days.

The study had some very interesting results. It found that of the 68 percent of participants who admitted to smoking cigarettes every day, 53 percent of them admitted to using marijuana within the past 30 days as well. Tobacco and marijuana use was highest among Caucasians, those living in rural areas and young adults who were not students, the study revealed. This study just like a lot of other similar one’s was an anonymous survey, but the key difference here is it was done through social media.

The researchers felt that because they used a combination of using Facebook and keeping everyone anonymous that the findings were much more accurate. Social media websites such as Facebook and twitter are really changing the way the world goes about things and they can be used for beneficial studies such as this one. Most people are not surprised by the findings whatsoever.

What This Means And How To Solve It

Generally the scientists doing the study found that those with substance abuse issues had high rates of dependence on the legal drug nicotine in general. It would be safe to say that most probably started using nicotine before illegal drugs and then combined the two. Sometimes, while in treatment for marijuana, many will also try to quit using nicotine.

Using both marijuana and nicotine can cause lasting damage to the body including lowering the immune system and making users more susceptible to some cancers. In addition to this, a person can develop problems with their major organs and lose many years off their life.

There is a way to solve this, not through NA or another type of treatment but through Narconon sauna. This program is an effective and drug-free method of eliminating toxins from the body so one cannot have lasting and permanent damage from using them. It involves intermittent periods of sweating in a sauna, plenty of water, vitamin and mineral supplements and cold-pressed oils. Those doing the Narconon sauna also have to have plenty of exercise.

After completion one feels clearer, more alert and physically better. The toxins left from drugs leave the body and can no longer cause damaging effects to the individual.
For more information on Narconon sauna or to get help for a loved one with a marijuana problem contact us today.

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