Synthetic Drug Abuse Is New Trend For Youth

The new trend in adolescent and drug use is finding legal “drugs” that are sold at convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops. These new drugs have had a big impact on the young culture because the drugs are much more accessible than the illegal drugs. Some of the synthetic drugs that are on the market now are spice, K2, bath salts and plant food. Stores are selling these products as an item that they really aren’t and everyone knows it too.

The problem with these drugs is their molecular combination is undetectable on drug test and the packaging explicitly says to not consume, but everyone consumes them anyways. This is the way manufacturers get out of the way of law enforcement because they can always fall back on the fact that the packaging claims not to ingest the product.
Spice and K2 are synthetic marijuana. These products are sold in stores as incense or other items. The biggest issue with the drugs imitating marijuana is most are much stronger and actually stimulate the brain much more than actual marijuana ever would stimulate the brain. Adolescents and teenagers find it easier to go to the store and buy these synthetic drugs than illicit drugs because they cannot get in trouble with law enforcement for having possession of these items.

Bath Salts Another Synthetic Of Abuse

Besides the synthetic marijuana, there is also bath salts and plant food that imitate the effects of amphetamines or LSD. These types of drugs are much more intense than the synthetic marijuana. Bath salts and the plant food can either be ingested or shot up with a syringe; they have many different effects than other synthetic drugs. These drugs try to imitate some of the hardest illicit drugs on the market.

The biggest issue with these synthetic drugs is the FDA and law enforcement cannot prove they are producing negative effects on adolescents and even adults. No one in possession of these “drugs” can be arrested or prosecuted, yet they have more negative effects than other street drugs. No organization has done an extensive study on these tests, so no one can prove these synthetic drugs cause any mental or bodily harm to your body.

Help & Consequences

Some of the consequences of these drugs have been reviewed when individuals have been brought to hospitals or emergency rooms due to the fact doctors ask the right questions to find out what you were taking. Every time someone has admitted to suing one of these drugs the consequences were seizure, blackouts, severe hallucinations and even cardiac arrest. As you can see the effects of these synthetic drugs can be extremely damaging to your body, yet the drugs are still being sold at your local convenient store to anyone that wants to buy them.

The wretched part about these drugs is the manufacturers are not looking to produce actual bath salts, incense or plant food, but looking for legal routes to take in order to get high. What these manufacturers do not care about is the well-being of any individual or the consequences that result after use. They know by writing “not for consumer use” that they can escape any accusations made against them. This is a serious problem because these manufacturers just want to make money and know they will because the route they have taken is basically a legal method of selling drugs without labeling their product as a drug.

Narconon Sauna Can Undo Damage Of Synthetic Drug Abuse

Just like all drugs synthetics can do damage to the body and cause physical cravings for the user that make it impossible to stop the addiction. The Narconon sauna program is an effective way to restore health and reduce physical cravings for drugs.

Unlike NA or other programs the process involves sweating in a dry heat sauna, taking a specific regimen of vitamin and mineral supplements, plenty of water and exercise. The result is long term sobriety and reduced or eliminated cravings for drugs.

For more information on Narconon sauna call 800-874-3197.

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