Synthetic Drug Use Outweighs Meth And Heroin In Some Towns

Heroin, an illegal drug used by over one million people in the nation is actually being used less than the new Synthetic Drugs that just came on the market a few years ago in small towns across the nation. Synthetic Drugs are substances that are made with chemicals that are said to mimic the effects of illicit substances. The most popular synthetic drugs are K2 or Spice, which is synthetic marijuana and Bath Salts which are synthetic methamphetamine.

Meth use is another drug that is widely abused across America and has been for many years with the introduction of meth labs where users can make and sell the drug easily in large quantities. However many teens have turned to synthetic meth as their drug of choice.

Another popular synthetic drug is herbal Ecstasy which is advertised as a natural form of Ecstasy.

Right now government statistics report that the abuse of these synthetic drugs is a growing problem especially amongst young people. While society has been facing and handling problems with illicit drugs like heroin, no one had an idea that there would be a new threat on the horizon; especially with the growing prescription drug epidemic.

The Synthetic Drug Problem

Police, heath workers and other public service organizations have seen the use of synthetic skyrocket. The Monitoring the Future Study reports that after surveying 46,000 teens that the reason so many are using these drugs is that they do not believe they are dangerous.

This is because the synthetic drugs were at one time, marked as legal, even though they are now illegal throughout the country. Poison Control has received over 5000 calls during a 6 month period with the numbers already doubling from the previous year. Many deaths have also been attributed to synthetic drug use. In addition to this many taking the synthetic drugs are suffering with a variety of side-effects and symptoms including:

•    Nausea
•    Anxiety
•    Feelings of agitation.
•    Vomiting
•    A racing heartbeat.
•    Hallucinations
•    Tremors
•    Paranoid Behavior
•    Seizures

Synthetic drugs started to be sold in smoke shops, gas stations and paraphernalia stores. Many of these drugs are labeled as “legal” or “natural” or “herbal” making them easier to accept and use. However, the effects are just as bad, if not worse than those caused by illicit drugs.

Between the efforts of law enforcement, parents and communities, as well as legislation the drugs were made illegal and banned throughout the country.

Narconon Of Vista Bay Services And Synthetic Abuse

Synthetic drug use outweighs meth and heroin in some towns and Narconon of Vista Bay services has been aware of the problem from the many calls received for people looking for help for these types of addictions. Synthetic drugs are addictive and cause intense cravings after one stops using them. They also have an array of side effects and can cause major medical problems and even death to those who use them.

Narconon of Vista Bay Services warns parents that if they suspect that their child or teen is using synthetic drugs they should act fast and do something about it. Letting the addiction go will cause more and more problems and some of the programs cannot be undone.

Anyone with a synthetic drug addiction should be helped through treatment at Narconon or NA so they can learn to live a life free of drugs.

Synthetic drug abuse should be treated no differently than illicit or prescription abuse. For more information on Narconon of Vista Bay services or to get help for a loved one contact us today.

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