Teenage Drug Abuse A Growing Concern

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse in its 36th study on High School and Youth Trends regarding teen drug abuse reports that while some areas of teen drug use are down, there are mounting area of concern. Teen drug use rates are monitored monthly, yearly and daily use. The nation is most concerned about the young ages teens are starting drug use. Many years ago the average age was 13; with the newest concerns some pre-teens and adolescents as well as youth are trying drugs at young as 8 years old.

The availability of drugs, promotion of their use through media outlets like movies, television and celebrity stories as well as environmental shifts are all to blame for the current problem. Prevention programs have been implemented and are used across the country, however, new users continue to emerge. This is a growing concern.

Statistics On Teen Drug Abuse

The past Monitoring the Future Survey has much useful information about the current drug abuse scene amongst teens. According to the survey:
Since 2009, cigarette use has dropped lower than marijuana use by teens. This is the first time since 1981 that this has been the case. Unfortunately what this means is that marijuana use amongst teens is up.

Daily marijuana use has gone up with those between grades 8 through 12 with special emphasis on the use among 8th graders continuing to climb. Part of the reason for the increase in use is because many teens have the attitude that marijuana is not addictive or dangerous because it is “natural.” Unknown to many the drug sends the highest numbers of teens into treatment every year.

In addition to marijuana prescription drugs are the second most abused drug by teen. The prescription painkiller Vicoden is the blame as it comes in second after marijuana.

Following Vicoden, many teens are abusing amphetamines. The forms of prescription amphetamines are the most abused and are drugs like Ritalin and Adderall. These are prescription medications that are often prescribed to teens that are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Many teens who receive prescriptions for these drugs abuse them or sell them to other teens. There are also a small percentage of teens abusing the illicit drug methamphetamine.

Surprisingly over the counter cough medicines are the next abused drug by teens. If taken in excess these drugs cause euphoria, and even hallucinations. Many teens have visited the ER and suffered from medical complications from abusing cough medicines.
Prescription tranquilizers were also widely abused by teens. Many teenagers are taking these pills orally or crushing them up and snorting them through the nose.

New brands of drugs called Synthetic Drugs are also causing a stir regarding teenage drug abuse. These drugs mimic the effects of illicit drugs and the two most abused Synthetic Drugs are synthetic marijuana or K2 or Spice, and synthetic methamphetamine or Bath Salts.

Many have lost their lives due to complications from synthetic drug abuse the drugs, once sold legally are now banned.

Narconon Schools Fighting The Battle For Sober Teens

Narconon schools drug education program which has been delivering drug prevention lectures all throughout the country for years has closely studies the trends with teenage drug abuse. The organization has put together teams to visit schools daily and speak with teens about the dangers of drugs.

Narconon schools statistically shows improvement in drug prevention rates amongst those who hear the lectures. Programs like NA are usually set up for teens and adults after they are already addicted but Narconon schools are trying to stop the problem before it starts.

For more information call 800-874-3197.

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