Teens Turn to Pills Rather Than Booze

For years, adults have kept prescription pills in the family medicine cabinet. From medications such as Xanax to painkillers such as Valium, adults didn’t have to worry about the dangers these medicines might pose to their children.

Now, however, Narconon Drug Preventionists notice that teenagers are finding more and more creative ways to get high — and in recent years, many teens have taken to abusing the prescription medications right inside their own homes.

To teens, these medicines seem like a safe and easy way to get high. They often perceive these medications to be harmless because they have warranted medical uses. This is simply not true, and this error in judgment can cost teenagers their lives.

In recent years, prescription drug abuse has risen dramatically. In fact, according to findings from a 2006 study by Monitoring the Future, prescription drugs are the second most abused drug by teens, following marijuana.

Six years have passed since that study was completed, and prescription drug abuse by teenagers has continued to rise — leading many experts to believe that prescription drugs could be the greatest addiction threat to today’s teens. What began in the 1980s with sedatives has spiraled into a dangerous habit where teens mix cocktails of prescription drugs which are extremely harmful and sometimes lethal.

Even adults who take prescription drugs in the proper dosage may suffer side effects from the medications. For teenagers, these side effects can be even worse for a variety of reasons. One, most teens are not taking the medications in the proper dosage, and many are taking them along with other prescription drugs.

Secondly, teenagers are still developing, so the drugs can have a different effect on their bodies and brains. Another issue arises in that teens quickly become immune to the drugs’ effects, forcing them to take more and more pills to get the high they are after.

It has become so popular among teenagers to get high in this way that groups of teens have taken to throwing “pharm parties”— gatherings where they raid their parents’ medicine cabinets and mix all the pills together to create deadly concoctions.

Narconon Drug Educators say that it is up to parents to communicate with their teenagers about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Most classroom drug prevention programs are not up-to-date about this newer form of drug addiction, and parents who maintain an open line of communication with their teenagers will find it beneficial in teaching them about drug abuse and its consequences.

If you have discovered that your teenager is abusing prescription drugs, it is important that s/he begin to see a professional to overcome the addiction. In these cases, a Narconon Drug Rehabilitation might be the best solution.

In addition to treatment, parents should focus on prevention and ensure that they properly dispose of any unnecessary or expired prescription medications and safely lock up any prescription drugs that must remain in the house in a location unknown to the children.

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