The Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program, Phase 1

The Narconon Vista Bay Rehab Program is a completely unique procedure, which will thoroughly detoxify a man or woman from alcohol and drugs and show them the best ways to confront and control his or her personal life without the need to consume narcotics. The Narconon Drug Rehab Program includes four phases. This article features Phase One in detail and may provide answers to any queries one might possess considering Stage One of the Narconon Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program. This phase features Text books 1 and 2 and commences promptly after withdrawal.

Stage One of the Narconon Program

As soon as somebody gets past the initial withdrawal signs and symptoms, he or she begins the first stage of the Narconon Drug Treatment Program. This specific part of the Program was designed to target the person’s personal physical well being. Men and women reclaim health and revive their bodies to a place where by they are not any longer detrimentally affected from the chemical substances they have allowed to collect within their bodies.

Book 1: Therapeutic Training Routines

Countless drug and alcohol dependent men and women pull away from loved ones and constructive friendly interaction. They seem to lose their capability to communicate and get along with individuals all around them, especially to individuals who share common cultural principles. Instead, they have an inclination to interact with deviant peers and seem to focus their awareness inward on complications and self-perceived, emotionally-disabling emotions. To treat the above, this particular component of the Narconon Rehab Program is comprised of drills made for helping students regain their power to interact successfully and effortlessly connect to other individuals around them. Exercises instruct the pupil how to be confident with friends in his/her current treatment setting while responding correctly to other individuals outside of treatment. Most of these drills will deal with the tendency to translate harmless commentary as aggressive and the tendency to behave by using physical force. Students perform the drills in pairs, or twinships, working within a schoolroom atmosphere while a counselor aids them.

Book 2: The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program

Case studies were completed on the results of dangerous environmental compounds, for instance construction chemicals, herbicides, food additives and preservatives, as well as radiation. Resemblances were uncovered between the toxic effects associated with a large number of toxins and the negative effects of prescription drugs utilized in medical treatment, particularly psychiatric medicines, and drugs of abuse. With these studies in mind, in 1978, the Narconon Sauna Program got its start consisting of physical exercise and prescribed amounts of time inside of a sauna, along with vitamin and mineral supplements as a means to release and raise the removal of toxic chemicals, such as drugs and alcohol, as well as their metabolites from body stores. Besides the physiological advances offered, it has been proven to facilitate a gain in mental balance as well as spiritual improvement. With consideration to substances of abuse, it is acknowledged that drugs, along with their metabolites, will be held for extended amounts of time within body tissue. They are usually trapped in tissues of substantial fat content including the brain and adipose cells, where, dependent upon the drug, they may persist for an extended period of time. The prolonged physical storage associated with typically abused drugs had been acknowledged as early as 1957 regarding LSD; by 1988 for cocaine; and 1977 for amphetamine substances. PCP (phencyclidine) has additionally been proven to persist inside fatty cells and brain cells, which are suspected, might be the reason for various long-lasting behavioral effects. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), an active compound found in marijuana, has been observed in fat cells for approximately one month after last use. Very sensitive testing procedures have located THC within the bloodstream and urine for up to two months after discontinued abuse, a fact which clearly implies that the existence of the THC had been because of its discharge from storage throughout fatty cells.

The Narconon Sauna Regimen has been used within the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program for more than twenty five years with incredible gains to its participants. This rehabilitative program is provided daily, seven days a week. The standard time period to complete the Program is 30 days. Skilled employees monitor and detail daily treatment events along with observing body weight, pulse and blood pressure both before and after every daily session. A Case Administrator reviews client charts every day to make Program decisions.


We believe that the Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program is the most effective technique to returning a man or woman to a lifetime of contentment and productivity. Once someone is 100% purged of drugs and has absolved him or herself of the embarrassment and guilt linked to the damage which they have brought about, they can enjoy a happy life as a drug free person in society.

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