The Narconon Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program, Phase Two

These portions of the Narconon Drug Rehab Program incorporate exercises that allow people to concentrate on real intentions, and additionally restore self-control. Here is when the individual finds out how to release emotions from earlier dilemmas and upsetting incidents, and really be present and focused upon day-to-day life.

Book 3: Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehab Learning Improvement Course

The Narconon Learning Improvement Course will teach recovering drug abusers to find and contend with hindrances to study and understanding. This valuable instructional course is especially essential with regards to recovering addicts, whose drug using way of living had them disregard their education or prevented them from applying their maximum capabilities. They may not have generated the discipline vital to acquire information or to converse appropriately and thus never understood strategies needed for personal, in addition to occupational successes, within conventional society. Furthermore, this particular course conditions individuals to benefit from the next stages in the Program, the Narconon Vista Bay Rehab Learning Improvement Course is carried out with the aid of simple exercises, closely watched by a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. It is always impressive to observe the upbeat response from clients. This occurs both with respect to educated students that have developed addictions, along with people that neglected their education. It seems to indicate knowledge of educations importance never was wasted. From this point, the student is far more capable to hold on to and take advantage of the subsequent life-saving information and facts given to them throughout the balance of their time at Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

Book 4: Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Communication and Perception Course

Drug abusers possess a tendency to reside in the past, disregard the experience of the present time and do not generate useful objectives for their future. These particular obstacles are taken care of using a number of drills designed to enrich our client’s capacity to concentrate on goals and objectives and also to be determined so they are able to accomplish them. The initial step consists of an improvement of the communicating skill exercises practiced in the Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Therapeutic Training Routines. These exercises ensure that the individual unquestionably understands how to carry out an entire cycle of interaction, maximize his or her ability to face up to and resolve tough scenarios, and also obtain a range of cognitive advances. Through the use of communication exercises, people learn ways to identify, and deal accordingly with social cues, including those situations with a negative subject matter. These mental exercises help individuals realize far better self-control and direction. The client learns how to implement social interaction in helping and counseling other individuals. Once they have achieved this, they assume responsibility for each other and co-counsel throughout the 2nd portion of this book with the help of the strong supervision and expert aid of a Narconon Drug Treatment Counselor. This concept of providing accountability for each other is regarded as a fundamental element in their treatment. This section of the program consists of a series of drills and exercises (described as “objective processes”) designed to orient people in his or her immediate surroundings, that is, their “objective” surroundings rather than an individual’s “subjective” thoughts and feelings. The goal of this exercise is to take away the person’s concentration from the past and heighten her or his awareness of the present environment, while developing concentration.

Classified in the area of rehabilitation as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the aforementioned section of this program is basically a method that spots and helps a man or woman to correct precise errors in what they’re thinking about, which produces negative or painful emotions. These flawed or distorted feelings furthermore effect students on a behavioral level, and lead to maladaptive actions or responses. For treating a recovering addict who is experiencing psychological issues, we have found that the very best place for rehabilitation is at the area of the individual’s thoughts, and that if enhancements are made in thought processes (instinctual emotions, suppositions and core beliefs), adjustments in emotions and behavior will follow. On top of that, behavior processes and strategies are employed, as required, to boost the treatment result (i.e., anger management, relaxation coaching, increased exposure to hated circumstances, assertiveness coaching). The course of treatment may range extensively in length of time depending on the individual, though people quite often experience fairly rapid relief and acquire lasting progress.

Narconon Alcohol and Drug Rehab Phase 2 Summary

We know that the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program is the greatest way of returning an individual to a lifetime of joy and effectiveness. Once a person is fully cleansed of drugs and alcohol and has absolved her or himself of the distress and guilt associated with the devastation that they have created, he or she can enjoy a satisfied and content life as a drug free member of society.

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