The Risk of Being Hooked on Crack Cocaine While Pregnant

Narconon Cocaine Drug Rehab covers the risk posed to the unborn child from a mother that is abusing crack cocaine.

How does Crack Cocaine Harm a Developing Fetus?

In cases where a pregnant woman abuses crack cocaine, the cocaine is circulated to the placenta where, by default, it gets into the infant’s circulatory system. It then requires more time for the drug to dissipate in the body of a fetus when compared to a mature human, hence the drug lingers in a unborn infant’s circulatory system for a longer period of time than it will inside of an adult.

The presence of cocaine or crack cocaine inside a woman’s system through the early weeks and months of pregnancy can make the chance of miscarriage much higher. If perhaps crack cocaine or cocaine is used throughout the late months of the pregnancy, placental abruption may well happen. This may bring about an excessive amount of hemorrhaging and the baby being delivered prematurely, or even dying within the womb. The prospect of the child being born having birth defects will increase with the degree of crack cocaine a mom smokes during pregnancy. A girl that smokes crack or takes cocaine while pregnant is more susceptible to have the baby early. In the event that a lady takes crack on a consistent basis during the course of her pregnancy, the woman’s child is a lot more liable to be born having their growth stunted. Infants might also be born hooked on the crack cocaine themselves and therefore encounter symptoms of withdrawal, for instance having the shakes, irritability, poor sleeping patterns, and muscle twitches. In the future, a child will likely have some difficulty with school. Kids who have been in contact with crack or coke during pregnancy have an IQ, which is three percent below average.

What Might an Expectant Teenager do to Protect her Baby from Cocaine or Crack Cocaine?

The whole set of challenges that crack or cocaine creates during a pregnancy can certainly be prevented. If perhaps you’re abusing cocaine, get help prior to deciding to become pregnant. In the event that you are pregnant and you’re using or hooked on crack cocaine, stop immediately and obtain support so you’ll relieve the total amount of crack cocaine to which your developing fetus might have been exposed. This is going to limit the chance of having a baby prematurely or having to a child that has birth defects.

If you’re a Teenager Addicted to Crack Cocaine How Can You Find Assistance?

If you’re an expecting teen who’s abusing crack cocaine or addicted to crack cocaine understand you are now liable for another human’s existence. Not exclusively will you be putting your baby in jeopardy by abusing the drug, which goes throughout the infant’s bloodstream, you are putting your child in danger because of the dangerous behavior that goes alongside getting, and not to mention abusing the drug. Understand that you have folks you can depend on, that you can turn to, who can provide you the assistance you want. A school counselor, a mother or father, or possibly a close friend might be a good way to begin. You might also speak to one of the Registered Addiction Specialists at Narconon Cocaine Drug Treatment at 1-800-556-8885. They will aid you to find the right drug rehab to help you so that you can prevail over your addiction for you personally, as well as for your child.

Narconon Vista Bay Rehab has a private chemical dependency program. We trust that the best way to honestly conquer an addiction to crack cocaine is to begin by freeing the whole body of all its crack cocaine residuals. A man or woman shall do this, fully supervised by our exceptionally skilled personnel, in our Detoxification Program. As a result of performing physical activity and a healthy diet, the person will quickly heal physically and in addition have their mood lifted. Carrying out these modifications in the person’s regimen, along with our New Life Detoxification Program, wherein a man or woman perspires out all of the toxins that remain trapped in his or her muscle tissues, will help the individual improve their physical well being to an ideal quality.

This will furthermore prepare that individual for the Life Skills and Repair Courses, which come subsequently in the Narconon Drug Treatment. Within these lessons we’re going to illustrate to a recovering drug abuser the right way to face up to and control their daily life and be joyful and productive without the compulsion to use crack cocaine and other drugs.

Please be aware that Narconon Drug Treatment Centers are here to teach you, or perhaps the people you care about how to destroy the prison of addiction. We are incredibly successful with this. 76% of our alumni are still drug and alcohol-free a year after graduating from our program. Give us a call at 1-800-556-8885. We are happy to help you.

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