True Physical Detox from Narconon Vista Bay

The Narconon Drug and Alcohol Program method is made up of a totally substance free withdrawal, a cleansing sauna process called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, and a combination of eight life improvement steps or courses.

Once the student has finished the Narconon Vista Bay withdrawal process, and successfully done his/her very first life improvement course, the Narconon Therapeutic Training Routines, in which these folks learn how to be more comfortable in present time and interact with others, they’ll start working on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

Some programs consider the withdrawal course of action a detox, but the Narconon Alcohol and Drug Program knows that street and prescription drug residuals remain stored in the fatty tissues, which will continue to have an adverse impact on the individual for quite a few years following quitting the usage of alcohol and drugs. These hazardous residuals put a stop to truly thinking clearly, and are also the reason many suffer drug urges, and as a consequence continue to suffer emotional ups and downs as well as relapse.
The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program includes nutritional vitamin supplements, a healthy eating plan, physical fitness, as well as use of a dry heat sauna to assist with dislodging deposits left by substances from fatty cellular material. These toxins are then passed from the body by means of sweating. While undergoing the sauna element of the program, each student is closely monitored by the Addiction Counselor in charge of the Sauna Program as well as the Case Supervisor. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program Supervisor makes sure that the program runs efficiently and that the desired result is actually reached. Students are required to track themselves too, watching out for any emotional or physical changes throughout the day. A daily log is kept by the Counselor in charge of the sauna, recording all that the student goes through while in the sauna.

Right after completion of the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, students account that they feel more lively, and that thinking comes easier and more quickly. Students also report feeling a rise in their degree of energy, a better sense of well-being, plus a significantly greater enthusiasm towards living.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is vital that you seek treatment at once. Do not miss out on another day of living. The trained professionals at Narconon Vista Bay Rehab are ready to assist you on the road to a life free of drugs and alcohol. To find out more about the program, as well as Narconon Books and Videos, please call us toll free at 1-800-556-8885 to talk with a Registered Addiction Specialist.

Narconon New Life Detoxification Success Story

“The Sauna Program has done wonders for my mind and body. I feel that I can think more clearly now and it has enhanced all of my senses. I also have more energy then I’ve had in a long time. Before this program I felt that I needed drugs in order to stay awake all day and live an active lifestyle. After completing the Sauna Program, I realized that I can do that without drugs and be much happier just being high on life. I literally feel like I’m twelve years old again and it feels great. The Sauna Program has also greatly improved my skin. It feels incredibly softer than before. My face has significantly cleared up from the Sauna also. I feel now that I can go out in public without makeup on and feel confident on how I look. Overall, I feel much better; mind, body and soul. I have this wonderful program to thank for that. I feel like a healthy human being again. The Sauna Program is wonderful, thank you!”

Dawn P.

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