Unprescribed Adderall Use Among College Students Increasing Dramatically

Narconon rehab center has found a 2009 research study performed by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) that found a strong correlation between non-prescribed Adderall use and the use of both marijuana and cocaine among full-time college students.

The illicit and illegal use of non-prescribed Adderall is reinforced by its reported effectiveness in increasing attention and ability to focus. Improper and unsupervised use of Adderall can lead to addiction, stroke and even death.

Individuals with an addiction to Adderall also face additional consequences, including legal ramifications and temporary or permanent suspension from institutions of higher education. Duke University considers the illicit use of Adderall to be against its drug policy and even a form of cheating.

Similarly, the University of North Carolina deems the possession of non-prescribed Adderall actionable under the Instrument of Student Governance. Off college campuses, non-prescription use of Adderall is a first offense misdemeanor and a second offense felony.

In May of 2011, pharmaceutical manufacturer Shire issued a statement supporting the appropriate use of Adderall and denouncing the abuse of the medication by college students. The company also emphasized the importance of the use of ADHD medications under the supervision of a medical professional as part of an overall treatment approach.

In an effort to help reduce the non-prescribed use of medications such as Adderall, Shire has sponsored educational and awareness programs for patients and healthcare professionals.

Graduates from the Narconon treatment program realized that drug and abuse doesn’t only affect the individual struggling with the problem. They know that millions of people, including friends, families and employers were affected by their addiction.

The already overcrowded prison system is filled with people who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they committed their crimes. In many cases, the crime was committed to support the individual’s addiction.

Adults aren’t the only ones who become addicted to drugs and alcohol; teen prescription drug use has become popular nowadays when children and young adults can get their hands on their parents’ prescription medications or purchase the Adderall college kids are selling.

Narconon meetings are non-profit drug rehabilitation programs dedicated to eliminating the abuse and subsequent addiction to Adderall through the administration of drug rehabilitation and the dissemination of information and education regarding addictive substances. This program has showed the benefits and effectiveness to thousands of individuals who have completed it and now live stable, drug-free lives.

If you need help right now, or you know someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol, contact a professional counselor at 1-800-556-8885 today.

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