What Is The Most Dangerous Addiction

Many believe the most dangerous addictions are gambling addiction, sex addiction, pornography or even video games. However the addiction that accounts for the most deaths, Emergency Room visits, legal and financial troubles and familial upset is drug addiction.

According to statistics there are nearly 23 million people addicted to drugs in the United States. Nearly 10 million American suffer with prescription drug addiction and a large number of people abuse illicit drugs like heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine every day. In addition to the problem only 2.6% of addicts receive treatment and the average wait from the time an individual starts using drugs until they enroll in treatment is 15 years.

What Are Americans Being Treated For

Individuals of all ages have to enroll in treatment for addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse 18% of all admissions to treatment are for drugs and alcohol combined, 17% for marijuana, 14% for heroin, 8% for cocaine, 6% for stimulant drugs and another 5% for prescription painkillers.

Of those admitted for prescription painkillers the most abused drugs were hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine.

Nearly 60% of all admission to treatment were from those of the Caucasian race and another 20% were African Americans.

The largest age groups for treatment for drug addiction were those ages 25 to 28 followed by 20 to 24 and ages 40 to 44.

Addiction Risks

Dangerous addiction risks can pop up any time a person decides to use drugs. The most common risks of using drugs include:

1.    Death by overdose or accident while under the influence.
2.    Legal difficulties such as being arrested for being intoxicated by a drug or alcohol, driving under the influence, possession or for those to sell drugs to feed their addictions, possession with intent to deliver. Many of these crimes carry serious penalties and time in prison. There are also those violent crimes committed while under the influence of drugs.
3.    Financial problems like being unable to hold a job and make income, inability to manage finances and pay bills and using all of one’s money to buy drugs.
4.    Health risks like damage to major organs that cannot be undone. Impaired memory and concentration, fatigue, headaches, body and muscle pain, teeth issues, certain cancers, liver and kidney diseases and many other health problems are caused by dangerous addiction. There are also a number of people that lose their lives every year as a result of addiction.
5.    Broken relationships are also a major risk of addiction. Many divorces occur because of drug use as well as domestic issues in the family. Parents end up not being able to trust their children and kids of drug addicts and alcoholics are abused or mistreated.

Drug addiction may be one of the most dangerous addictions out there, carrying with it the most damaging effects to all areas of life.

How Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Handles Addiction

Using a unique methodology unlike any other rehab program, Narconon drug rehabilitation specializes in fully handling addiction problems. Although addiction is complicated and can cause an enormous amount of damage and heartbreak it is a problem that can be fully resolved with treatment.

NA has been promoting this for years through its 12 Steps as have Narconon drug rehabilitation facilities. Those who have undergone long term, residential treatment that is drug free like Narconon have been able to permanently handle their addiction issues and go on to live drug-free and productive lives.

With a 76% success rate Narconon drug rehabilitation has returned many back into society completely sober that were not able to achieve success with other types of treatment.

For more information call 800-874-3197.

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