Who Are The Biggest Unknown Contributors To Prescription Drug Abuse

Did you know that most prescription drug abuse abetted by family and friends? Would it surprise you if you were told that one of the fastest growing problems starts in your own medicine cabinet? For some, this may not come as a shock, but for others this is tough to swallow. This is one reason why it is often brushed to the side by family and friends.

Prescription drug abuse has become a serious problem and it is even more severe that family and friends don’t see it as a problem. It is estimated that approximately 7 million people in the United States abuse pharmaceutical drugs. Lots of prescription medication is being abused, but the majority of the problem is based on the abuse of prescription pain killers. Nearly 75 percent of all drug related overdose deaths are related to prescription drugs, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Three out of every 4 deaths from prescription medications is from opioid pain relievers including oxycodone. This is something we cannot take lightly.

Why Is It Being Overlooked

Prescription drugs are not like any other drug. There are some states you can be given a medical marijuana card for problems with your health, but other than that doctors aren’t prescribing abundant amounts of something that can really harm your health. This is one of the biggest problems and why family and friends are overlooking the problem. Lots of these people who are abusing prescription drugs are actually prescribed them by a doctor.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health about 25 percent of all prescription pain killer abusers get them from the doctor.

Another reason it is being overlooked is because a lot of people close to you assume you are using it for the pain or injury that you got it for. Family and friends are normally even encouraging the one abusing to take the medicine so they feel better. What they don’t realize is these people are not taking the medicine as prescribed and that they are abusing it.

On top of all this friends and families are reaping the so called benefits from abusing prescription drugs.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that 55 percent of prescription pain killer abusers got drugs from a family or friends for free.  If lots of the family and friends are getting it from the original abuser, how can they judge? If they are getting it from a family member or friend it is doubtful that they think it is a problem.

Signs That Prescription Drugs Are Being Abused

There are quite a few signs that you should look for when attempting to confirm that someone you know is abusing prescription drugs. Some of the physical signs you should look for are changes in appetite and sleep pattern, a constant decline in their physical appearance, and changes in the size of their pupils. If they have given up on everyday grooming habits it is a pretty good sign they are abusing prescription medication

There are also quite a few behavioral signs that you can look for. If your family or friend is constantly needing money to go get their prescription filled or in need of money in general. Another sign could be if they are not attending work and are missing events that they normally wouldn’t miss.

Finally, there are some other emotional that you can look for that may reassure that they are abusing prescription medication. Some of these could include an unexplained change in personality or constant mood swings for no apparent reason.

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