Narconon Client Testimonials

Before coming to Narconon, my life revolved around my drug use. I began smoking marijuana around the age of 12, which eventually led to my severe addiction to painkillers. I woke up each morning thinking of only pills. All of the aspirations I had when I was young are now gone. After several years, my drug addiction became unbearable and I knew that something had to be done. I found Narconon on the internet and its recovery methods appealed to me. About one week later I decided to come to Narconon, and it has truly changed my life. I matured more in the the few months that I was at Narconon than I did in the previous 5 years. I now have dreams and goals again. I wake up exited about living each day and knowing that drugs wont be there. I am confident that after doing the Narconon program I can live a happy fulfilling life without the use of drugs.

Narconon Graduate 2003


My name is Kevin and I am 19 years old. Ever since I was 11, I have been drinking and using drugs. When I was 12, I did cocaine for the first time, at age 13 I was snorting heroin, and at 15, sticking needles in my arm. In the two years prior to coming to Narconon California, I had been through 6 rehab and treatment centers. After all that time, money and effort trying to get clean and sober, I couldn’t. I always wound up where I was before, or even worse off.

All I have ever wanted to do is get clean and lead a normal and productive life. In late March 2003, I went to yet another rehab facility, but was forced to leave due to insurance complications. By 6:30 p.m. that evening, I was high again and gave up hope. I lost all control, did things I won’t mention, segregated myself from the world, and wanted nothing more for myself than death. When I didn’t think that things could get worse…they did. I was arrested 3 times in one week, the last arrest for Grand Theft Auto. I will never forget the pain that followed.

While detoxing in county jail, my parents came to see me, and they told me that they had found a “different” type of rehab program. I was released from jail and came to Narconon on April 27, 2003.

My parents were right, it was a different type of program.It wasnt a 12 step, like the many I had failed with in the past. In the first phase of the program, I learned how to confront, control and communicate, which were things I never knew how to do until then. After that I started the New Life Detoxification Program where I sweat out drug residuals. It was an amazing process filled with ups and downs, but when I finished, I felt like a new person. For the first time in 8 years, I felt drug free which I thought could only be a thought, and never reality. The latter part of the program allowed me to write up things that I was afraid to tell people, all the bad and deceitful thing I had ever done, and show them to another person. As of now, I have no skeletons in the closet anymore. I have nothing to hide anymore! I also learned how to spot harmful people that I don’t want to be around, and how to handle them so they cant bring me down. When I did the final part of my program, it was amazing. I never thought that I would be able to repair the things that I have done, but with the help of everyone here, I was able to start fixing my past and look into my future.

The three months that I spent here were worth more than I could ever put into words. The Narconon Program isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Without having gone through this program, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.

Narconon Graduate 2003.


Freedom is a precious gift. All the technology we are learning here will help us live a free life. The program doesn’t work unless it is applied and followed in life. I value myself, my freedom, and my group. I already know that the program works and it has saved my life as I know it has for others.

Narconon Graduate 2001.


When I began the sauna, I dreaded every minute of it. . . My realization as I went along was that this terrible feeling was going away and I was starting to feel physically much better. My eyes were brighter, clearer, and whiter than I had seen them in 20 years. Mentally, I felt more capable of listening and understanding . . . it felt totally different. Sadness, happiness and it all came and went with me feeling much better about the experience. I would recommend the sauna to all who are in need. I feel clean, fresh and ready to start learning and experiencing life with a clean mind and body.

Narconon Graduate 2001.


After four and a half months I am now a Narconon graduate. When I got here I was in total apathy about life and everything else. After completing the sauna I got my reasoning back and decided to stay for the entire program. This was the single most important decision in my life. Going through the program was trying at times, but it was truly amazing. I feel better than I remember feeling as a child. The program gave me back a lot of abilities and traits I had let slip or be lost completely. . . The program repaired my life and made me truly happy again. For the first time in many years I am looking forward to life and accomplishing things. I am now ready to actually start my life, and I owe it to Narconon.

Narconon Graduate 1997.

Before I arrived here I was addicted to heroin and speed, among other drugs. Doing drugs was a part of my daily routine. In fact, it became my daily routine. I not only jeopardized, but sacrificed everything I had going for myself. I went from being an A student to a dropout. I went from a dedicated, spirited person to a beat-up, discouraged and unhappy heroin addict. I isolated from the people that loved me and surrounded myself with people who used me. I went from being proud to being ashamed. It was obvious drugs had weakened and defeated me. I realized since being here that I made the decision to let that happen and in the same way I could decide to become drug-free and rebuild a life for myself I could respect and enjoy. Since making this decision I have reestablished a life for myself. I have self-respect and pride. Most importantly, I look forward to everyday without the burdens of addiction and with clear eyes and a clear head. I have an amazing life because I have freed myself from my drug use. And this is only the beginning.

Narconon Graduate 2001.


My name is Brandan, I’m 22 years old, and I used to use cocaine, smoke weed, and was very much an alcoholic. I was drinking everyday for over 2 1/2 years. A doctor told me I did permanent nerve damage from drinking, and I still have the shakes. I have been clean now for five months, and I will continue on this track for the rest of my life… I feel blessed that the Narconon program saved my life and I have learned to live life, instead of letting my environment have a negative effect on me.

Narconon Graduate 2002.


This program gave me more than I ever expected. I learned to be honest with myself in order to like myself. This program gives anyone the tools they need to survive as long as you use the technology. This has truly changed my life and I will never forget my experiences here. Use this technology and respect it, it works.

Narconon Graduate 2001.


Three and a half months ago, when I arrived at The Narconon Program, I was completely out of control of my life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. In my mind there was little or no hope for me. Im not ever sure if I cared what happened to me. After going through the program I am overwhelmed by the positive changes in my life. I have never been so in charge of my, I have never felt so positive about my life. I now have goals and I am ready to pursue them without the use of drugs. I now have the tools to confront my addiction, the knowledge to help others to confront theirs, and the desire to live my life my way, as a responsible, caring individual who has to offer to whom ever wants it. This program gave my life back to me. It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of determination and sacrifice. In the end though, it all paid off – after all, what is a persons life worth? I will never take my life or anyone else’s life for granted again.

Narconon Graduate 1997.