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Narconon Family Testimonials

We live in a rural setting in western Wisconsin. We moved here from the southeast in order to provide good schools and a Norman Rockwell setting to raise our children. The school district we settled upon had graduating classes of approximately seventy children, new facilities and excellent state recognition. Although we knew our children would still be exposed to drugs and alcohol, we felt that we would certainly be able to control the situation through responsible rearing, nurturing, small town unity and communication.

Our youngest, the apple of our eye and our only son became involved with drugs and alcohol in the eighth grade. . . we hadn't a CLUE until Homecoming of his Junior year in highschool. All of a sudden the declining grades, declining involvement in family and school activities, critical comments, apathy and tiredness became understandable. A cold dose of reality thrown into our world. When we talked with our son, it was evident that he hadn't a clue as to how or why his life needed to be changed in order to survive and to be happy. Too many years had gone by for him to control any change in his lifestyle, his friends and his decisions.

Although it would have been easier to agree with the other parents in our small village who maintained that all teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol, it is the fault of the parents of the kids he hangs with, give your kid a break, you are over reacting and he will grow out of it, we knew we had to pick him up and HELP him just as we did when he was small and had scraped his knee. We knew we did not want to utilize any facility that used prescription drugs to handle street drugs. We knew that our son needed tools to quit drugs AND needed to understand more of how life works, what makes a person really happy, and the stability of a moral code that would help him survive for the rest of his life.

We found the Narconon Program and called to make arrangements for our son to go through the program. He left Wisconsin at the end of October and after finishing the program, returned to finish highschool. It was a proud and happy day when he graduated last May. Today he is helping others achieve the same results as a Staff Member with Narconon California. This is not an Info-mercial by some fake family in a made up situation.


-Mr. and Mrs. Lowe.
Parents of Narconon Graduate 2000.

My life before my husband checked into Narconon was a living hell full of deceit, anger, hatred and hopelessness. I saw a man whom I loved turn into another person. I came to the point where I had to completely let go. This is when things began to change for us.

My husband checked into Narconon and my anger was still with me. When I spoke to him the first time after he checked in, I would not even let him kiss me. But, I quickly saw great changes in him, at Narconon he was growing mentally. His maturity level was also apparent. With Narconon's help we have managed to put our lives back together.

Since finishing Narconon my husband and I deal with problems on a whole new level. He does not run from problems any longer. For me I have been allowed to release the responsibilities that were laid on my shoulder over to him so we can work together again as a team. I am very grateful to the staff at Narconon for the support given to me and our sons during my husband's stay at the program.

Wife of Narconon Graduate 1997.

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We would like to share our story with anyone who has a loved one living with the horrible influence of drugs and alcohol.

Our life was enriched with the birth of our only son in 1974. We were not a wealthy family but you might say, very comfortable. This comfort level was derived from working 24/7. The benefits of this labor were lavished on our son which in turn spoiled him. He had, what we thought, a great life. Good grades, good friends and all the popular toys available. The thing he was missing, and I might add the most important, was quality father time. Work seemed to be more important.

After graduating high school our son entered college. Shortly afterward he lost his drive and his grades went downhill. One college after another, same story. He quit school and entered the family business. The income was great but our son seemed to always be broke. His ambition was gone and he would sleep for days. After several car wrecks and a severe attitude change we had reached our wits end. We recieved a call from our son at a local motel where we found him semi-conscious surrounded by soft drink cans used for smoking crack. our son was sent to a state supported mental facility, not once, but three times. Each trip proved to be a complete failure.

Living at home after his third state rehab stay things went from bad to worse. Our son began to steal money from family and friends. He would pawn expensive household things to support his habit. His cocaine habit had torn our family apart and the decision was made, I would take my own son to jail. I was forcibly placing him in the car when my wife came to me with what she called, the answer. She had contacted a man named Francisco at a place named Narconon. I told her it was just another 28 day rip off, but today I am glad she insisted.

My son is still at Narconon, not as a patient, but helping others with their problems.


Father of Narconon Graduate 2001.