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The Narconon Program

There are two prominent schools of thought in the area of addiction today. One side explains the mechanism of addiction by the action of faulty genetic coding caused by a hereditary disease. The other tells us that addicts are a product of their environment and that addiction is a mental health issue, resolvable by drug therapies and psychiatry. The problem is the majority of those who undergo modern therapeutic treatment promptly relapse.

It appears that clients in most thirty day programs spend 100% of their time addressing 50% of the problem, yielding mixed results. Narconon is the first successful treatment center that breaks free from the nominal success of most prescribed thirty day and outpatient modalities of treatment.

With individualized courses and a unique form of peer therapy Narconon aims to put our students in charge of their life and in control of their decisions. The ability to recognize and overcome barriers, the skills to develop personal integrity and the knowledge to troubleshoot their own road through life gives the Narconon student a new found sense of life and the staying power to remain drug and alcohol free.

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