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Phase I

A.) Drug Free Withdrawal

During the "Drug-Free" Withdrawal stage, a Withdrawal Specialist administers to the client, who is trained in different techniques to help the person cope with the withdrawal period. These techniques involve the use of a Vitamin regime supplemented with amino acids and minerals. During this stage "assists" are also incorporated to help get the individual oriented with his/her environment, to get them in communication with the body's natural healing processes and to deliver the person from the constant obsession to use that is common in the withdrawing drug addict.

B.) Communications Course

When an addict first begins to recover from their condition, they are withdrawn, have a low ability to confront and are generally incapable of dealing with the honest realities of life itself. When not able to escape with the " apparent solution" that drugs and alcohol seemed to provide, their ability to communicate is severely hindered.

To teach the recovering person to begin communicating on a basic level, we teach them eight training routines (TRs), enabling them to become less introverted and able to communicate with their peers.

C.) New Life Detoxification Program

During this step of Phase I the client undergoes a precise schedule of vitamin and mineral supplementation, exercise and daily time in our sauna facility. This is the second stage in successfully withdrawing the client from drugs and alcohol. This process helps the client to sweat out the drug residuals and metabolites stored in the body's fatty tissue. This, as discussed earlier, is absolutely vital in the successful long-term rehabilitation of the client.