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Is Xanax addictive?

Dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and stress can make anyone’s life miserable. There is no doubt that Xanax can be extremely helpful in treating the above debilitating disorders. What many users overlook is the fact that there is a potential downside to taking prescription tranquilizers. It can turn into an addiction.

What is Xanax?

Xanax (Alprazolam, Xanor, or Niravam) is a prescription tranquilizer used to depress the nervous system in a way similar to alcohol and sedative barbiturates. Overuse of the drug can lead to devastating side effects.

How does Xanax addiction occur?

After a few weeks the body adapts. The efficiency of the drug decreases, the likelihood of taking more Xanax than recommended will increase. This can be devastating. If taken over a long period, drug abuse can slowly destroy the user’s body and mind. Furthermore, when battling painkiller abuse, withdrawal symptoms can be severely traumatic. It is the reason why Xanax users should not attempt to beat their addiction alone. They need the help of professionals.

How can I get help?

To obtain successful and lasting results, treatment should be done in a controlled environment, such as a well-established facility like Narconon Vista Bay, a world-class rehabilitation center. The experts only have your best interest at heart. They will implement an effective Xanax addiction treatment and monitor your progress closely. Before long, you will regain your confidence. The hurt will be gone and you will be able to return to a new life.
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